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Houses have windows so that the ventilation is good. Imagine living in a house with no windows; you wouldn't be able to breathe properly and would hardly have any fresh air. Another reason is that light can enter if you have windows. If you have no windows, your would live in total darkness. It also gives you some light from the sun and some warmth. A further reason is that you are able to see outside the house/shelter and to see, for example a postman, police or maybe even Santa, basically anyone who is knocking on the door... -_-. Widows are sometimes used as decorations etc.
Honestly, there isn't a real "need" for windows anymore. We keep them because we like them. I, personally, would love it if my bedroom had one whole wall being just windows. When I get a car, big windows will be a must. It's nice to be able to see outside. (: *_*


In Japan they are increasingly designing homes with windows in the ceiling instead of facing outward. In many urban settings looking at the sky is the only pretty view. Although one might view such a home as a way to fight crime, there is no real crime in these neighborhoods.

To let daylight in and to let the residents see out.
a couple reasons, people like the view and when its hot outside you can open a window and so you can get sunlight in on hot days so you wont have to turn on the lights and create even more heat

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Q: Why do houses have windows?
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Did colonial houses have windows?

yes they do have windows...

Did the Tudors have windows?

no, but their houses did.

Did Mesopotamian houses have windows?

yes they did

Did the Assyrians houses have windows?

no they didnt

Did houses have windows in the middle ages?

Most houses had windows, but most houses did not have glass in the windows. Instead, the windows were open, and could be closed with a shutter. Many houses had window-like holes high in the walls to vent smoke from the fire on the hearth, because they had no chimney, and such vents were not closed for weather because they had to stay open for the fire. It was not what we would call cozy. Rich people, of course, had windows, and these often had glass in them.

How do fruit flies get into houses?

Fruit flies get into houses through doors and open windows.

Why do houses have window's?

Houses have not always had windows. In Ireland in the 1600's the windows were taxed by the government, so poor people did not have windows. Through the centuries windows were needed to get air into dark, dank, smoky, places. The richer the person the more windows they had and they had glass in the window.

What were the windows made out of in pilgrim houses?

Oiled paper.

How many windows are in the houses of parliament?


Did rich people in the middle ages have windows?

Medieval houses had windows. Rich people had glass in their windows, which poor people often did not.

Do all houses have windows?

No. Igloos and other cold-climate houses have no windows, since they would let out too much heat. Others, like the woven-straw houses found in sub-Saharan Africa, are built without windows to reduce moisture and increase the amount of cooling shade.

What kind of houses do people in Venezuela live in?

mostly apartments and houses with no windows since its so hot

Why do mountain houses have no windows at the back?

Mountain houses have no windows at the back because there would be no light coming through them - you'd be looking at the dirt or rock that made up the mountain!

Why don't pit houses have windows?

pit houses don't have windows because, if it rained or snowed everything the Chinook's had would get ruined... and back then they don't have windows like we do that open and close when we need them... back then they had to build there houses so its not that easy just to build them shut when your cold.... then knock down them when your hot...

What principle do the ventilators and windows obey in a house?

In houses, windows and ventilators are made,following the principle of convection.

Did viking houses have windows?

No, probably because they were afraid that attackers could send arrows through the windows.

Why dident viking houses have windows?

Viking homes had no windows because of the harsh Scandinavian winters. No windows, less ways for cold to get in and heat to get out.

What did houses look like in the 1940s?

It had cannons through the windows

Did Pueblo Indians' adobe houses have windows?


What do houses lose heat energy through?

Mainly the windows.

What is the difference of poor Tudor houses and rich Tudor houses?

a poor house is smaller and doesn't have many windows

Why are windows used in houses?

So you can see outside and to allow sunlight in.

What is the functional requirement of windows in houses?

Windows have two purposes: for the admission of natural light, and when openable, to allow natural ventilation.

Why do desert houses often have thick walls and small windows?

Desert houses often have thick walls and small windows to keep out the heat. The thick walls also keep the house warm in the cooler months.

Why are houses with windows but no ventilators not safe?

No, we not buy a home with that have windows but not ventilator because it is important to exheal the hot air from the house or room