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Huck and Jim have to change their plans because they encounter unexpected obstacles, such as encountering hostile individuals or facing inclement weather conditions, that force them to alter their route or timeline in order to ensure their safety and success in reaching their destination.

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Q: Why do huck and Jim have to change their plans?
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How does huck change now that he is around tom again?

Huck goes along with Tom's Plans, even though they are unrealistic and waste Jim's time.

What does huck promise Jim?

Huck promises Jim that he will not reveal his whereabouts or help anyone looking for him while they are on their journey together. Huck assures Jim that he will keep their friendship and plans to help him escape to freedom a secret from others.

What is Huck' s response to Jim's plans to steal his own children?

Huck thought it a derangement of Jim ethical character to think to steal another man's property.

Does the reader's attitude towards Jim change as a result of his response to Huck's trick in chapter 15?

Yes, the reader's attitude towards Jim may change as they see Jim respond with wisdom and compassion to Huck's trick in chapter 15. Jim's empathy and understanding towards Huck's actions can endear him to readers, showing his generous and forgiving nature despite being deceived.

Why doesn't huck turn Jim in?

Huck doesn't turn Jim in because Jim in Huck's first TRUE friend. Jim is also the only "family" Huck has ever had that cares so much about him and will protect him.

What is Huck's response to Jim's plans to steal his children after he reaches freedom?

Huck initially considers telling on Jim, but ultimately decides against it because he realizes the depth of Jim's love for his family. He chooses to keep Jim's secret and do the right thing by helping him be reunited with his children, showing growth and empathy towards Jim.

What did the young boy who was walking along the river tell Huck when he returned to leave with Jim?

The young boy warns Huck that people are looking for Jim because he has run away. He tells Huck that Jim is suspected of murdering Huck.

In chapter 31 how does Huck's understanding of Jim change?

That Jim no longer wants to be his best friend and he's on a whole other level

What does Jim think when he first see's huck on the island?

Jim is initially startled when he sees Huck on the island, as he believes that he has seen a ghost. However, he quickly realizes that Huck is alive and is relieved to be reunited with him. Jim is happy to see Huck safe and well.

What is Jim's response to Huck's trick?

Jim is initially angry at Huck for playing a trick on him, but he eventually forgives him after seeing how upset Huck is. Jim understands that Huck didn't mean any harm and values their friendship more than holding a grudge.

Why do some people call huck the real farther of Jim on Huckleberry Finn?

Huck liberated Jim and helped Jim realize who he was!

What about Jim's future plans further upset Huck.?

Jim's decision to try and buy his family's freedom bothers Huck because he believes Jim is making a foolish choice that goes against his loyal and caring nature. Huck struggles with the idea of helping Jim escape slavery while also grappling with his own conscience and moral beliefs.