Why do humans need house's?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: Why do humans need house's?
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Why do you have houses?

Humans need shelter to survive. It's part of homeostasis.

What actors and actresses appeared in Houses and Humans - 2012?

The cast of Houses and Humans - 2012 includes: Genna Davidson as Denise Murray

Were houses invented in 1900?

Oh yes. humans have been building houses for thousands of years.

What are two uses humans have for conifers?

Houses and paper

How has kudzu affected humans?

it has effected humans by growing too quickly and growing on top of houses

What do humans do after lightning strikes?

When Lightning strikes humans or some humans houses are destroyed. So the humans rebuild their house and get new and better supplies for it.

How can humans live in the rain forest?

they live there by building houses

What is the natural habitat of humans?

houses, farms,or gardens

Why are landslides are often triggered by humans?

Landslides are often triggered by humans, because of the need to construct several things. Such building houses, roads, etc. This can happen due to placing pipes, or other things underground that don't belong there.

What kind of houses did Indians in southwest live in?

long houses some in lakes and humans some lived under ground

What did the oldest evidence of humans in the canyon now what is it we can see?

Evidence of humans in the Chaco Canyons were small pit houses.

Can animals live in humans houses and and yards?

Depends on what type of animal