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why is there burning in my ribs

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Q: Why do i have sharp burning pain in healing broken ribs?
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What does it means when there is a sharp burning pain in your knee when you touch a certain spot?

well if you touch softly and it hurts or when you walk on it, it can be sprained or broken

How do you know when ribs are done?

If they have a burning sharp pressure pain then its likely their broken. Or if its bad you can just look at them and tell. If they're broken they'll hurt to the toutch.

Does vasculitic neuropathy hurt?

The pain of vasculitic neuropathy can include shooting, sharp pain, tingling, numbness, burning, and stinging

What does it mean when your leg is burning?

If you are experiencing sharp pain and a burning condition in your right leg, this could indicate a problem with your lower back. This pain is commonly referred to as sciatica.

Do hypodermic needles hurt?

Depending on your pain tolerance level, the size of the needle, and the type of injection, you may experience anything from no pain to a sharp burning sensation.

What causes Sharp back pain from falling off of horse?

Sharp back pain from falling off of a horse could be a broken tailbone. It could also mean that you threw your spine out of alignment or have a pinched nerve.

How long does it take for a pelvic fracture take to heal?

i have a broken pelvic how long is this healing process normally? i also have an broken L2 lumbar the pain is unbearable alot!

Does broken ankle hurt as its healing?

Actually yes it does. Bones sometimes hurt while healing, so if it's towards the middle or end of being in your cast that's probably it. If it's in the beginning it's probably just pain from being broken

What are some symptoms of face pain?

The most common face pains are sharp pains and burning. If you are experiencing pain in your face, consult your doctor as it could be a symptom of something severe.

How can I help my Achilles tendon pain?

Orthotics and shock-wave therapy can help in healing Achilles tendon pain. Rest and over the counter pain medicine will assist in healing the Achilles tendon pain. The healing process may be lengthy, but with enough rest it will heal.

What could it be if you fell on your arm and it swelled up right away and bruised but could still move it without any pain or limited range of motion but you feel a sharp poking pain when you touch it?

broken arm

Is it normal to have sharp pain during pregnancy?

It depends where you have sharp pain. I get pains sometimes in my ligaments when they stretch, but if you have pain in other areas that may not be normal.