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Ireland's state color is Emerald-green. The Irish take the green color from the fairies, which was believed to be what they wore. Leprechauns represent Ireland, so they wear green clothing.

the new anser: Because they ADORE pea's! do you like pea's? coz i do.

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Q: Why do leprechauns wear green?
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Why does leprechauns wear green?

Lspeedballs wear green because that is the irsh color for leprechauns. I know because I am one!

Why did leprechauns wear green?

They wear green to hide better in keeping you from their gold.

Why are leprechauns green?

OK first of all leprechauns are not green there page but if they were it would probably be because green is the lucky collar and they wear green

Are leprechauns hats green?

If they wear a hat it will be

Why do leprachauns wear green?

There are only Leprechauns in Ireland and green is the National colour of Ireland.

Why do a leprechaun wear green?

Leprechauns are associated only with Ireland and green is their National colour.

Did leprechauns always wear green?

Yes, but the occasionaly put on yellow

Why do leprechauns wear green suspenders?

Because suspenders flatter their hips, and green matches their eyes.

What traditional clothing do Irish wear?

We are normal people not leprechauns in green suits

Why do people get pinched on stpatrick's day if they do not wear green?

Tradition says leprechauns can't see green. So you pinch someone to warn them leprechauns can see them. You pinch them for their own safty.

How do Welsh and Irish Leprechauns differ?

Irish leprechauns are different from the Welsh versions of knocker, knacker, or bwca by the way they dress. Irish leprechauns of folklore typically wear a green or red coat. The Welsh leprechaun, or knocker, wear versions of miner's clothing.

What happens if you steal a leprechauns gold?

idk maybe the leprechauns steals it back lol happy st.pattys day wear green have fun and catch a leprechaun

Why are leprechauns so small?

Leprechauns are small because they are often described to be that size. The name is derived from an Irish word called luchorpan meaning small bodied. Leprechauns are magical, fairy-like creatures that wear green and large hats.

Why do Americans pinch you if do not wear green?

It was a tradition started long ago. People believed that if you wore green you would be invisible to leprechauns. So it was a warning to those who didn't wear green to put some on before a leprechaun found them.

Do leprechauns wear shamrocks?


What colour is a leprechauns brain?


What do lady leprechauns wear in their hair?

in his head

What are leprechauns attractive to?

green. or golden coins

Do leprechauns have black or green hats?

Green, because the Irish color is Green, of course.

What is the Irish Olympic team?

2 foot leprechauns, that wear green waist coats and hats and are insistent in finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

What are leprechauns attracted to?

Leprechauns like green, shamrocks, glitter or shiny stuff. Lucky Charms and apples and money.

What are leperchauns?

Leprechauns are small people who wears green.

Why are leprechauns favorite color green?

cause Selena Gomez favorite color is green

What episode were the little green men on Bonanza?

Hoss and the Leprechauns

Are leprechauns green?

Since leprechauns don't exist, you can call them any color you want. But they are usually depicted by artists as having normal skin tone, but commonly wearing green clothing.