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They taste good because of the sugar. The sugar makes it sweet and taste SO good.

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Q: Why do marshmallows taste so good?
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Can you make chocolate fudge without marshmallows or marshmallow creme?

Yes you can make chocolate fudge without marshmallows or marshmallow cream those ingredients are not really needed in the recipe it will taste not so good if you put them in and i tried it before it will not taste good.

Why are cashews the best energy source rather than marshmallows?

marshmallows are sweeter in taste then chashews and sweetness r not good for our health

Why don't marshmallows freeze?

Yes if you put them in your freezer they will get big and taste good.

Do marshmallows get moldy?

The chemical makeup of marshmallows allow them to have a long shelf life, but if open they will get stail, hard, and not taste good. To answer your question no, they will not get moldy.

Are marshmallows good for a scratchy throat?

No, candy does not help any sickness. They taste good but they do not cure anything.

Can marshmallows be frozen?

Yes, In fact, frozen marshmallows taste good as a small treat. Also, if you really think about it, anything can be frozen.

Are marshmallows bad for dogs?

Let me answer your question with a question...Are marshmallows good for humans? Yes they are delicious, but good for you? Don't think so. So why would they be good for dogs?

How do marshmallows taste?

Sweet and fluffy

Why does taste taste good?

taste does taste good if taste didnt taste good then taste woukd tatse just as bad as bad so yea its

Why does lettuce taste so good?

Your mom makes it taste so good.

What does summer taste like?

marshmallows at the bon fire

Why does food taste good?

food taste good so you starve

If you have a bag of marshmallows in a vacuum-sealed bag for 1 year are they still good?

Marshmallows will last quite a long time in a vacuum-sealed bag, so the chances are good.

Why does French food taste so good?

because mr apple was eating it so it taste good du

Why does taste so good?

it taste so good because it has some salt pepper and a pinch of shock a bra

Does almond milk taste good?

well it it an opinion so if you thinK it taste good then it's good.

What do Marshmallows taste like?

very mild sugery taste chewy when its cool feel lik eating ice cream

Why does mucus taste so good?

it taste so good because it has some salt pepper and a pinch of shock a bra

How many marshmallows in a pound?

There is 64 regular marshmallows in a pound. There is 8 cups of mini marshmallows in a pound, so about 825 mini marshmallows in a pound.

Why does cheese taste so good?

because its so darn good... that answer is a little cheesy;]

Can marshmallows bounce?

No, marshmallows cannot bounce, at least I do not think so

Are marshmallows good for dogs?


What are marshmallows good for?


What does vegetarian meat substitutes taste like?

it taste so good :)

How do strawberry taste?

so good but if you put sugar on them they will taste better!