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To get the excess pee off the head of the penis so the men don't need to wipe the pee with some toilet paper, or they just pee and put the penis back in their underwear so the don't care if pee lands on their underwear.

I don't, I just pee and put my penis back in my underwear and sometimes I am still peeing when I am putting my penis back in my underwear.

Lol kinda wet sometimes but yeah that's why they shake =)

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โˆ™ 2011-09-14 00:27:28
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Q: Why do men shake when they pee?
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Do men clean wipe their penis glans after they pee in urinal?

nope!!! no need for us to wope so we just pee shake it off and leave!!

Is it normal for men to watch women pee?

"Normal" is subjective and doesn't really give any foundation for measurement. Some women (and men) like watching the opposite sex pee. It is a sexual fetish. The "viewer" is aroused or gains some other satisfaction from it. It is usually harmless. If it has become an addiction then it needs to be treated as any other addiction.

How do really fat men pee?

they pee out of their bellie buttons.

Where do men pee from?

Their penis.

How much does the men's shake weight weigh?

Men's shake weight wieghs 5 pounds.

Why does a male cat shake his tail while passing pee?

he may be nervous

How do you hold your pee?

you have to cross your legs and shake your penius or Regina up and down

Can American men shake hands with Muslim women?

No. Muslim women are not permitted to shake hands with men.

How do you use a urinal?

A urinal is usually for men or boys. Men and boys will usually stand up and pee in urinals while they are in public. Urinals come in many shapes and sizes. Most men will lower their front part of his pants or unzip the fly of the pants and extract his penis. Men just start to release pee and shake and go.Well actually what you do is you just stand wiggle your hips and think about water falls it works for some men.

Do men pee in the shower?


How do men pee?

We pee out of our penis. And generally standing up.

Is it safe to drink a girl's pee and where do they pee from?

Its safe to drink it and they pee from the urethra like men do, we are human y'know!!

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