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Certain vegetables like onions, garlic and cabbage contain lots of Sulfur, also eggs contain a lot, too. Your body needs Sulfur in your diet; it is essential for the metabolism of many biomolecules. If you eat more than your body needs in a short time, not all will be assimilated. Thus, Sulfur-containing molecules will be released from the body.

Sulfur-containing molecules tend to stink. If you eat a lot of garlic, which contains the chemical diallyl disulfide, your body won't be able to assimilate all the sulfur and, in this case, some of the chemical will be exuded from your skin (in sweat). (Nice, 'cuz it keeps mosquitos away.)

What you are experiencing is the metabolic waste of certain bacteria in your gut. They "eat" the Sulfur-containing molecules that you ingested in your food and release Hydrogen Sulfide (gas) as a waste product. (Can be nice, 'cuz it keeps people away.)

If it goes away after a day or two, it's nothing to worry about. If it's a big problem for you, try to remember what you ate (think stinky) and try to avoid it.

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Yours don't stink. But if they did it is the methane.

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Because they do it’s totally normal

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How bad can farts smell?

Oh its not good at all, they smell like rotten eggs or really really bad like the mushroom farm.

Why does natural gas smell like rotten eggs?

Because the smell is added so it can be detected. If natural gas smells like rotten eggs then it contains H2S or hydrogen sulfide. Actually the smell associated with rotten eggs is hydrogen sulfide, so hydrogen sulfide does not smell like rotten eggs, rotten eggs smell like hydrogen sulfide.

What element is in gunpowder that makes it smell like rotten eggs?

The sulfur in gunpowder makes it smell like rotten eggs.

Why does your turkey smell like rotten eggs?

My turkey doesn't smell like rotten eggs. But if it did, that would mean it was spoiling.

Why do farts smell like rotten eggs?

It smells like that because of the sulphur. Its happening to me right now and it smells horrible. my mom keeps yelling @ me! :(

What makes a car smell like rotten eggs?

Car exhaust can smell like rotten eggs when the fuel has a lot of sulphur in it.

Does sulfur smell like rotten eggs in a solid or liquid form?

Sulfur doesn't smell like rotten eggs. Hydrogen sulfide smells like rotten eggs, but sulfur itself doesn't have much of a smell at all.

What are the properties of sulfer?

It smells like ... rotten eggs/farts/puke

What does a volcano smell like?

Volcano smell like rotten eggs or sulpher..

What does Cacharel Casey's Farts smell like?

roasted eggs

Does sulferdioxide have a smell?

Yes, like rotten eggs.

What do rats smell like?

Rats smell like rotten eggs with a dead scent

Why do farts smell like eggs?

because the both have sulfur in which makes them smell the same

Why do farts smell like egg?

Because both your fart and rotten eggs (as well as fertilizers) contain simple chemical substances based on sulphur such as hydrogen sulphide.

Why does urine smell like rotten eggs?

Urine that has a smell similar to rotten eggs or a sulfur smell can indicate a urinary tract. Urinary tract infections are treated with antibiotics.

Why does your skin smell like rotten eggs?

my skin doesnt smell urs does

What does hydrogen sulphide smell like?

It smells like rotten eggs.

What does hydrogen sulfide smell like?

it smells like rotten eggs

Does amoxicillin smell?

Yes like rotten eggs or sulfur

Why does Na2S smell?

The smell is similar to the smell of hydrogen sulfide (rotten eggs).

Why your fart smell like rotten eggs?

it depends on the gases that were in the intestines sulfur is probably one that causes the rotten egg smell

What is the component on gun powder that smells like rotten eggs?

its sulphur. its sulphur. i believe that the answer you are looking for is sulphur, it does indeed smell like rotten eggs

What causes rotten eggs to smell like rotten eggs?

Bacteria goes into an egg trough any holes and then multiplies rapidly and forms an egg to be rotten.

Why does your water smell like rotten eggs?

It has a high sulfur content to it.

Which rock has a smell?

Sulfur.... IT STINKS it smells like rotten eggs