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It usually happens when a tooth is loose and about to come out and disconnect from the nerves. Which means the nerves no longer have a tooth To hold down.

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A tooth is alive because of the blood vessels and nerves running through it. If a tooth's nerves die, it needs to get pulled.

There are no nerves IN a tooth. The nerve is above the tooth. That's why when it's loose and you eat, your tooth hurts. Hope this helps

does brake fluid kill exposed tooth nerves?

A hot tooth is a tooth that requires a root canal, although all the nerves in the tooth are not dead. Some nerves in the tooth are irritated and inflamed, causing severe toothache and sensitivity to hot and cold food and drink.

part of the tooth contains a rich suppy of nerves and blood vessels

go to the dentist and ask them to pull it out for you nerves can still be attached to the tooth and if you pull it yourself you might damage your nerves

The tooth roots (pulp, dentin, endodont) are living tissue and have capillaries as well as nerves. The outer enamel consists of tubes of dead material in which the nerves gradually die off as it grows outward, toward the surface of the tooth. The remaining nerves become evident when teeth are drilled, as in the repair of cavities.

the pulp of the tooth is the vital tissues of the tooth consisting of nerves, blood vessels & connective tissue.

Yes, they have teeth with nerves within them. Therefore, they can experience a tooth ache.

When a tooth is pulled it's gone. When you have a root canal the root of the tooth has become infected, the dentist uses a conventional cavity drill to get down to the nerves then uses a very small, flexible drill-like wire to drill down through the nerve of the tooth. Actually, the dentist goes down through each of the nerves since there are usually a couple nerves in a tooth. After the nerves are removed, the tooth is allowed to drain and either a filling or a crown is put over the tooth. The infection is taken care of during this process and the tooth is saved.

it lets blood bring food for the nerves and gives the tooth calcium

Tooth enamels protects your nerves in your teeth. Without it your teeth would be week.

The part of the tooth that has the nerves in it is right under the crown of your tooth ''aka'' the top part of your tooth and they travel down into you gums hope this help's

The hard part of the tooth is actually not a living structure. The living structures are the nerves and blood vessels that are inside the tooth.

A substance know as pulp and nerves

The nerve endings are found in the pulp cavity centre of the tooth, the nerve is carried in the tooth root.

Because your dental pulp is exposed wich contains nerves.

The part of a tooth where the nerve and blood vessels are found is called the pulp chamber.

It will affect the nerves under the teeth

You have a canal for each root in each tooth. It has pulp in it. The pulp has blood vessels and nerves running within it.

Tissues die when the nerves in them die. Sugar diabetes kills nerves.

A tooth can die do to dental diseases. They also can die from lack of proper care and preventatives.

You will not die from tooth decay, but you can die of complications such as an infection that goes to the brain or heart.