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if there angry they change colours

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Q: Why do parrot fish change colors?
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What is parrot fish appearance?

Parrot fish come in many different colors. They are easiest to distinguish by their beak like mouth that is built for scraping along the coral.

What is the difference between a parrot and a parrot fish?

well a parrot is a bird and a parrot fish is a fish

How fish change colors?

It depends on what type of fish change colors, like for example a black moor fish can change color by its temperature.

Do any animals change sexual orientation?

Clown fish, parrot fish, and hawkfish can change sexes.

How does sex change accuer on a fish?

it accuers when a fish of a higher rank dies and if its a different sex it will change parrot and clown fish do this

Is a parrot fish aggressive?

No. Parrot fish are a peaceful Fish.

What do Blood Parrot Fish?

What about Blood Parrot Fish?

Is a parrot fish a herbivore?

is a parrot fish a herbivore

Why do Oscar fish change colors and start digging?

Oscar fish change colors when they are stressed. They dig because they are curious.

How do you say parrot fish in a collective noun?

Collective nouns are a school of parrot fish or a shoal of parrot fish.

How does the parrot fish breathe?

Fish including parrot fish breathe with their gills.

How do you tell if parrot fish is angry?

by looking at the parrot fish?

How do you know if a Parrot fish is male or female?

Answer Parott Fish Sex IDThere are many different kinds of parrot fish- they go through different phases on their way to maturity. In these stages they change colors. Some change sex from female to male. All the "Terminal Phase" fish are mature males.The only way to ID the sex is by type of fish and color.IE the Stoplight parrot fish female,or Initial Phase, is mottled reddish brown mixed with white scales and a reddish belly. The Terminal phase, or male is neon green/darker green scales, pink by the gills,& yellow on the head and tail. Some blue is on the edge of the face and fins. They look like two different kinds of parrot fish. The Reef Fish ID Book by P. Humann lists 13 different kinds of parrot fish with photos.

What type of fish can mix with parrot fish?

goldfish,yellow parrot fish ,severom..

Where do Parrot Fish live?

Parrot Fish Live all accross the equator and there are over 90 diffrent types of Parrot Fish

What are some enemies of brain coral?

parrot fish parrot fish

What to do when parrot fish when pregnant?

Parrot fish do not get pregnant so there is nothing to do.

What is a good mate for blood parrot fish?

can you feed a blood parrot fish a feeding fish

Why are parrot fish called parrot fish?

Parrot fishes are called parrot fishes because of their feather like scales and birdlike smile.

Can cuttle fish change colors?


In what waters do parrot fish live?

parrot fish live in tropical waters

How do Parrot fish eggs hatch?

there is no such thing as a parrot fish egg hatching

Does parrot fish eat goldfish?

No parrot fish main diet are coral

What is the life span of a parrot fish?

Parrot fish can live up to 7 years.

Are parrotfish herbivores?

Marine parrot fish are carnivorous, freshwater parrot fish are omnivorous.