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The molecules of the gas are spread further apart. The forces of attraction between them is very less, almost negligible.

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Q: Why do particles move more freely in a gas than in a liquid?
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How do the particles move in liquids?

The particles in liquid move freely.

How does the particles of a liquid move?

the particles of a liquid are more freely than the solid because it dose not have definite shape

Do particles move faster in a gas or liquid?

Particles generally move faster in a gas compared to a liquid. In a gas, particles have more energy and move more freely and quickly as they are not as tightly packed as in a liquid. Conversely, in a liquid, particles are closer together and interact more, resulting in slower movement.

Particles in a liquid move around just as freely as particles in a solid?

Solid: Locked in a crystaline structure, however they do vibrate slightly. Liquid: Particles are attracted to one another but can flow freely. Gas: Particles move with total freedom.

What does a liquid do to change into a gas?

it must be heated where it's particles seperate to allow them to move more freely

How are the particles in a liquid different from the particles in a solid?

a gas have no definite shape so the particles can move around freely but in a liquid ,which has a definite shape, particles move around but are restricted

What are the particles in a liquid able to do?

The particles of a solid can only vibrate about their fixed positions while the particles of a liquid can vibrate, rotate and translate (move from 1 place to another) within the liquid.

Do particles move in liquid?

In a liquid particles move around freely and are constantly interacting with each other. They move by bouncing off each other creating friction.

How is the movement of particles in a gas differ from the movement of particles in liquid?

I think the reason why is that the particles in a gas move freely and they move fast. Therefor the particles in a liquid slide past eachother and the reason why that they're differ from eachoth is because a gas and a liquid are differ from eachother like an example, They particles in a gas heat up and move freely

How do particles move differently in a solid a liquid and a gas?

particles in a solid are packed close together and vibrate. the particles in a liquid are loosely packed together and can move freely but not putting too much space between them. the particles in a gas are very spread apart and can move anywhere. does this help you understand?

What are the movement of particles in a liquid?

the particles in liquid move around slowly in the liquid

What do particles do in a liquid?

The particles have room to move around, but cannot move entirely freely.