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Q: Why do penguins stand on their heels when it is very cold?
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Why penguins stand on their heels?

to lessen the amt of skin in contact with the ice as it is very cold

What bird lives in a very cold place?


What is something cool about a penguins habitat?

it is very cold

What do you call people who help penguins?

Very cold and very wet.

How cold can penguins be until they die?

very cold indeed about -25 C

What is a penguins habitat?

a penguins habitat is a very cold one it is freezing cold and is full of ice and especially icebergs

What bird lives where it's very cold?

a penguin

Do penguins have special fur to keep them warm?

No, penguins do not need to keep warm because they live in a very cold climate.

What birds live were its very cold?

Penguins (they are birds, however they can't fly)

What bird lives where it's very cold - 7 letters?


Why are penguins so fat?

Penguins live in a very cold climate, and therefore they need an extra layer of fat to keep them warm.

In what weather do penguins live?

Penguins can live in very cold or temperate zones in the world. Penguins that are on Antarctica live in cold weather that can get as cold as -89.2 degrees Celsius. Penguin that are in the Galapagos Islands live in a temperate zone with temperatures that are cool but not as cold as in Antarctica