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Not all people do. When I left my ex-husband he was the last person I wanted to see and certainly didn't want to make him jealous. I put as much distance between him and I as I could. There are immature people that just want to flaunt the fact someone is interested in them besides you and you may not have a met a girlfriend/boyfriend yet. Just smile.


WELL, personally, I do it kind of as a "look-what-you're-missing-out-on" thing. I know that sounds bad, but... it's difficult to explain. It's like an impulse. And I don't do it constantly, only in certain situations.

Wrong, you make your currents jealous

In my opinion, people will do that because they feel hurt in some way and want them to feel the same way they do.

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โˆ™ 2009-12-19 03:57:43
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Q: Why do people constantly try to make their ex jealous?
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Why does he try to make you jealous?

A guy will try to make you jealous to test your feelings for him, if you react he will know. Also, he may be acting in revenge to something you have done to make him jealous. Plus, if he doesn't know that you like him, he may not be doing to to make you jealous.

How do you make sure this girl likes you?

Just ask her if she likes you, but if you are to shy then try try to make her jealous if she gets jealous she's all yours.

Why people try to make other people jealous?

because they are ratchet so just ignore them and if they are youre bf then DUMB THEM

Why do men try to make woman jealous with other woman when they can not commit to you.?

Men try to make a woman jealous because there just being men. There is a time in your life where they will just try and make you jealous even though they cannot commit to you. When its women and we flirt with other men and try to make the men jealous the men get all angry and go crazy. I guess they think they can get away with it.

What do you do if you like someone but they have a girlfriend?

be jealous and then try to be friends with that boy until you get close and then you can make her jealous.

Are people born jealous or does their environment make them jealous?

being jealous is a feeling. if you are jealous of your friends or something talk to them. if you are jealous because your parents dont get you things your friends get then tell your parents how you feel. try it now and see if it works, communicating is the best way to get questions answered

How do you make your girlfriend jealous?

You shouldn't try and make her jealous if it's not working out end it it's not worth playing games with her 👳

How do you know if your ex is thinking of you?

He'll try to make you jealous

Is he making you jealous please read discussion?

All people will make you jealous at one point or another so done let it affect you. Try to cope with it and understand what is going on. Good Luck

Why does the girl you like try to make you so jealous?

Girls like to make themselves feel good. when a guy is jealous a girl feels valuable.

Why do people make up horrible stories about people that are just make believe?

they are jealous and they envy the person so they try to upset them for being so brilliant and because they think it is fun

Why he always try make you jealous with his girlfriend?

I think that a boy make you jealous with his girlfriend because he just want you to make u jealous and you don't looked at him and i think that he might like u and you don't even flirt with him.

How does a boy try to make a girl jealous?

flirting with other girls

Why would a girl try to make you jealous?

Girls most of the time only make you jealous cause they like you or still have feelings for you . Girls will try to make you feel jealous because they are 1) immature, 2) lack self confidence, or 3) are self centered; often all three.

My mums boyfriend is constantly jealous of anything i do or get - what should i do?

talk to your mom and tell her how uncomfortable it makes you. and try to spend less time with him.

Why did Hermione try to make Ron jealous?

Hermione likes Ron and she tries to make him jealous because he is dating somebody else and doesn't notice she likes him.

Why guys get soo jealous but expect their girl not to get jealous of other girls they talk to and flirt with?

Girls try to make guys jealous to get more affection and attention from a guy.

Why does your ex girlfriend try to make you jealous?

Your ex girlfriend wants you back so she is flirting with other young men to try and make you jealous and realize that you do love her. It sounds as if you do love her or you would not have asked the question. If you do love her and had problems in your relationship then try dating again and working out your differences. If you don't love her then ignore her when she tries to make you jealous and move on in your life.

How can you tell your friend is jealous?

you can tell that ur ur friend is jealous when he/she try to make u feel bad about urself ,try to make u take the wrong decisions,try to make u fight with people who are close to u,when u know that u look good n they say the opposite or even u can tell that ur friend is jealous just by a look in his/her eyes.anyways ur friends would be jealous from u mostly if u have something that they don`t have n it`ll show in their eyes,u`ll feel it....

If you tell a guy you like him but doesn't answer would he try to make you jealous?


How to get a guy you like off a girl who is TRYING to make me jealous?

try to woo her

Why do girls try to make you jealous is it to make themselves feel better?

I am a girl and to tell you the truth we make people jealous cuz if you are a guy we probably like you and we want you to like us back. And sometimes its for revenge on someone. Ya and SOMETIMES we do feel better about ourselves but rarely.

How can I make my cheating husband jealous?

Having a cheating husband is already a problem to solve in your marriage.If you try to make him jealous, it will be the result of a second problem to solve.Making him jealous is not a way to get his attention on how you are hurt. He might not be afflicted by what you will try.Communication and Counselling (therapy) would be a good start.

Your ex is dating somebody new?

My x just called me not to long ago to tell me about her new boyfriend and how they are having sex. I know she is trying to make me jealous, but I have a new girlfriend and try not to tell her all of my stories that I have done with her. Most people try to make their x's jealous and make you want them back or something. But with me, it don't work, I found someone better. You should try to do the same.

Signs of when someone is jealous of you?

they may try to make you feel bad about yourself? try to make you take the wrong decisions. try to make you fight with people who are close to you. when you know that you look good, but they say the opposite. you can sometimes tell somebody is jealous just by a look in his/her eyes.. could be because you have something that they dont have and it will show in their eyes, ull feel it.... haha xD jealousy is a disease!