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it's because the paper comes from the pulp of the tree.

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Q: Why do people cut trees for paper?
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What do people do after they cut down trees?

they make paper out of it

Why would people cut trees for?

toilet roll/paper

Do people cut down trees to make paper?

Yes of corse

What is the cause of wasting paper?

People buy more paper which causes people to cut more trees down

Can you cut wood with a piece of paper?

No. Paper is made from trees though. Now, paper is light, and cannot cut through trees. - Caroline Rogers

Does paper cause global warming?

yes. because paper comes from trees and trees are being cut down, because people want paper. trees help to stop global warming. so yes

Where did the paper come from?

Paper comes from trees that lumberjacks have cut down. of course trees

Why do people cut down trees and why is it important?

People cut down trees so we can have something to write on and to wipe our butts! it's important because WE NEED PAPER! And for making things and to live

Why you told do not waste paper?

It is told because if paper is wasted there will be shortage of paper and then trees will cut and their will be shortage of trees .

Why are people cutting down rainforest?

Some people have permission from the law to cut down trees to make things such as: paper, tissues, furniture,boats... but some people cut down trees illegally for many different reasons.

Why do you cut down tress where you do not need them?

people cut down trees where they need them to build new buildings

Why do we cut trees?

to make paper and to make furniture.