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They destroy habitats for paper and for the animals inside the habitat.

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Why are orang-utans endangered?

People destroy there habitats

How do earthquakes destroy human and animal habitats?

how do earthquakes disrupt or destroy human and animal habitats

Who destroys animal habitats?

many people destroy animal habitats maybe you have by littering! one person that does it is Jomama Suckscock.

Why are wolves vulnerable?

Wolves are vunerable because people kill them and destroy their habitats.

How do people destroy tree frogs habitats?

we cut down the trees in the rainforest:(

What is the causes of Bald eagles being endangered?

people shoo them. also they destroy habitats

What can a avalanche destroy?

avalanches can destroy communities and animal habitats

What will happen if people keep littering on the earth?

Nothing will happen litters will jost destroy habitats

Why is the Caspian horse endangered?

its because people hunt for them an now there is only a few left and also people destroy their habitats

How do humans affect gorilla habitats?

they destroy it

How do humans destroy habitats in the rain forest?


How can hydroelectricity be good and bad?

It can destroy habitats.

Are humans harmful to Red Pandas?

Only if we destroy their habitats and hunt them like some horrible people do

Why are rhinos habitats being destroyed?

because people come to get the rhinos horns then in the process they have to destroy the habitat to get to them

How does tornadoes impact people and environment?

Tornadoes can damage or destroy property, vegetation, and animal habitats and kill or injure people and animals.

What can a forest fire destroy?

homes, forests, and habitats

How do humans affect Arctic wolves?

We kill them and destroy their habitats.

How can you save an eastern indigo snake from endangering?

to not destroy habitats

How do tornadoes affect the ecology of an area?

Tornadoes can destroy vegetation, especially in forested areas and destroy habitats.

How do tornadoes affect humans and animals?

Tornadoes can destroy animal habitats and killer or injure people and animals. People can lose their homes, workplaces, and other property.

How do tornadoes affect ecosystems?

Tornadoes can damage or destroy vegetation and habitats.

How are humans destroying natural habitats?

Humans are destroying natural habitats by logging areas until they are completely decimated. Humans also destroy habitats by polluting areas with waste.

How are humans problems for the pandas?

Humans are a problem for all wild animals as their habitats are constantly being shrunk. They kill or destroy their habitats.

Can frogs die from humans?

yes; they destroy their habitats. french eat frogs!

What is the impact of a tornado on the natural environment?

A tornado can damage or destroy trees and other plants, destroy habitats, and kill or injure animals.

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