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Q: Why do people give fruitcake?
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What food do people give on holidays as a gift?

fruitcake,pies,and chocalate

Why do people not like fruitcake?

because it is fruit and fruit is healthy and cake is not supposed to be healthy and also it is DISGUSTING There you have it. People such as the above don't have any good reasons not to like fruitcake. I don't understand it myself. I think they're as nutty as a fruitcake. Fruitcake is the business!

What do you do with a fruitcake?

Give it to someone else, like the media always says!

How do you use fruitcake in a sentence?

fruitcake can be best used as such. fruitcake is very delicious.

Can you keep a boiled fruitcake?

It's probably easier to keep than to give away.

What do people do with fruitcake during holidays?

Other than gifting a fruitcake, people do absolutely nothing with it. The truth is, there is actually only one fruitcake. It is just passed from person to person during the holidays. The fruitcake lasts so long because it is of an ancient origin dated back to the Mayan Pre-classic time period of 2000 B.C. to 250 A.D. They Mayans worshiped the fruitcake as one of their gods until that tragic day when Ixtab(a believed goddess) ate a tiny morsel of the fruitcake. After that, the entire Mayan society disappeared. And the answer is that nobody in their right mind would ever eat fruitcake. If you did happen to eat the fruitcake, you will be known as an embarrassment to the human society. So, I beg of you, innocent pastry lover, never EVER eat the fruitcake.

Is fruitcake an heterogenous or homogenous mixture?

Fruitcake is a heterogeneous mixture.

When was Fruitcake EP created?

Fruitcake EP was created in 1996.

What does fruitcake taste like?

Fruitcake tastes like a combination of fruits.

How can people not like cheesecake?

It is an acquired taste from what I've seen like fruitcake.

Can you bake a fruitcake without alcohol?

definitely. Alcohol was used to preserve the fruitcake.

What is the correct spelling for fruitcake?

The seasonal baked specialty is correctly spelled : fruitcake.

When was Fruitcake - song - created?

Fruitcake - song - was created on 2010-09-21.

What are the release dates for Fruitcake - 2014 I?

Fruitcake - 2014 I was released on: USA: 2014

Is fruitcake an element?


Where does fruitcake originate from?

Fruitcake originated in ancient Egypt and was considered an essential food for the afterlife.

A Christmas Memory buddy sends a fruitcake to who?

He sends a fruitcake to Mr. Haha and neighbors.

If tom is a pear and a pear is a fruit and fruit makes fruitcake is tom a fruitcake?


Is fruitcake a mixture or solution?

Fruitcake is a mixture. Adding fruit in a cake could be a mixture. (Your welcome)

What is fruitcake?

Answer:A fruitcake is a heavy spiced cake containing nuts and candied or dried fruits.

Is fruitcake tasty?


Can you put baileys on a fruitcake?


How do you unscramble frcuaikte?


Is fruitcake a biodegradable?


What is acufrtkei unscrambled?