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they get in vitro because they can get pregnant naturally or the mans sperm count is too low

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Q: Why do people go for In Vitro Fertilization?
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What are the bioethical issues in IN VITRO fertilization?

what is the bioethical in in vitro fertilazation

What is the future of in vitro fertilization?

In Vitro fertilization is not extremely effective. There is a failure rate which can be as high as 75% in many cases.

What is the name of the procedure where fertilization is accomplished in lab dish and then inside womans oviducts?

In vitro fertilization. Vitro is from the Latin word for glass.

What has the author H J Leese written?

H. J. Leese has written: 'Human reproduction and in vitro fertilisation' -- subject- s -: Fertilization in vitro, Human, Human Fertilization in vitro

Could lesbian girls get pregnant?

If they have sex with a man or go through in vitro fertilization, yes.

Can I use a in vitro pregnancy test even if I am not trying an in vitro pregnancy?

Yes. In vitro means, "in glass" or "outside of the body", and In vitro pregnancy test is a test that is performed "outside" of the human body. In vitro fertilization is egg fertilization that is performed outside of the body. All home pregnancy tests are "in vitro".

What does the abbreviation IVF mean?

In Vitro Fertilization. The fertilization process is done manually.

What did Patrick steptoe invent?

In vitro fertilization

What type of fertilization procedure in which mature mature ova are removed from the mother to be fertilized?

in vitro fertilization

Acrosomal reaction in fertilization in bovines?

as evidenced by light microscopey electron microscopy and in vitro fertilization

Oocyte retrieval for in vitro fertilization from a donor by means of a follicle puncture cpt code?

Oocyte retrieval for in vitro fertilization from a donor by means of a follicle puncture cpt code?

In vitro fertilization takes place in?

Technically it doesn't; in vitro with respect to plants means basically plants that are tissue cultured in a laboratory. Obviously this process does not take place in the Vitro fertilization in plants does not take place. It is rather in vivo fertilization taking place inside the embryo sac of an ovule.