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Lions are not dangerous unless you provoke them

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They hate lions because they don't want the lions to a eat them

they hate humans for the simple fact that there meat eat eatter and humans are meat

Some people in the world hate lions and sharks this way people keeps dying

It is not currently a known fact whether or not animals have the capacity to "hate". Lions attack humans for a variety of reasons, such as hunger or territorial defense.

how does lions harms people

I saw video of that lion with a wildebeest/deer in india ; he didn't want eat it, he just want to befriend & protect it. So I think male lions do hate hunting.

Cheetah hate lions and hyena's because they are stronger and can harm them, take away their prey, and can kill their cubs.

People help lions by creating preserves so that the lions are not hunted and their habitat is not destroyed. People can also help lions by educating future generations so that the lions are protected.

Lions can't be pets. People don't have lions as pets. Lions belong in the zoo. Lions are wildcats. Only at home cats can be as pets. Lions are from the African Jungle.

Hyena's often steals lion's ill, thus lions are irritated and hate hyenas. Easy pisy

anything thing that come near them except for there own

Yes, unfortunately. People do hate people.

no-lions only attack you if they are scared or if they want to defend their babies. they're almost never mad.

many people do not hate hate him but dislike his songs and singing

It Is Called Panthera. Panthera Is The Family That Has The 4 Roaring Cats. Tigers, Lions, Jaguars And "Leopards". P.S. I Hate Lions.

by hunting them, by hunting the lions prey and by destroying the lions habitat.

the Ancient Greece feed people to lions.

All the people can't hate the Jews. The Jews are 'people' and they don't hate themselves.

he doesn't other people hate him and people hate inuyasha but inuyasha doesn't hate his father ( where did you hear that) :(

it is cats and lions because lions are in the cat family and cats and dogs hate each other apart from some cats like dogs but that is very rare

Lions are endangered due to two main reasons. Loss of habitat - with growing human populations, humans are venturing deeper and deeper into forests in search of land thereby shrinking the lions habitat Hunting - killing and hunting lions was considered a brave mans sport in the early 1990's. This caused a significant demise in lion numbers.Governments worldwide have banned hunting lions and as a result, their numbers are stabilizing as of now.The way lions are going to extinct is that they don't have much food to eat everyday.They eat meat so they couldn't catch enough meat because now they are to hungrypeople hate them and like there fur and farmers animals are eaten by them and people just hate them!not known yet

It seems like Cambodian people hate vietnamese people but vietnamese people don't hate cambodian people

101 people a year get killed by lions

people are taking the lions in to like the zoo and taking care of them

yes, people in africa do eat diffrent parts of lions.