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People need energy because everything we do requires energy.

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How can people reduce energy crisis?

Turn the lights when ever you don't need them save energy people

Why do people drink energy drinks?

People drink energy drinks because it gives them the strength that they need to face the day with full of energy...

What would happen if people could generate their own energy?

If people could generate their own energy, they would never need to eat, as they would no longer need the energy from outside food sources.

Why do different people need different amounts of energy?

they need different amounts of energy as they are all different sizes and shapes:)

How much energy do people need every day?


How over population can bring energy crisis?

More population = more people who need energy = higher total energy requirements.

Why do elderly people need fat in their diet?

they need energy so they can live and feel healthy

What does it mean to renew your energy?

to renew the energy - to reuse it. that's why it will never run out. but more people need to start renewing energy otherwise the energy will run out

Why do people eat spaghetti?

Spaghetti is a pure source of carbohydrates, and people need carbohydrates for energy.

How do people get the energy they need to live and survive?

pick thier nose

If windmills dont work how do people who use wind energy still get electricity?

A windmill produced electricity while the wind blows. It may produce energy when the wind blows and people don't need it. People don't need all the energy a windmill produces all the time but they may need energy when the wind is not blowing. Windmills are therefore linked up to battery systems and charge the batteries when the wind is blowing, energy is being produced, and nobody is using it. When people need energy and the wind is not blowing (no power is being produced) they use power from the batteries.

Why do sports people need extra energy?

if we don't have energy, we will not be able to carry on with our activites that we do. For example if your running 400m, you will need to energy to be able to carry on the run. You will need to drink lots of water before the run and eat a healthy meal to give you extra energy.

What are three reasons you need food?

one reason people need food is because we need energy to get through the day

Give you three reason why do people need food?

I only know one, they need food for energy:)

Why do you need to use nenewable energy?

People need to use renewable energy so we don't deplete the Earths resources. Renewable energy is energy that comes from resources that can replenish itself. Examples of such resources include wind, and sunlight.

Do radios need energy?

Yes, Radios Need Energy. ( All Electronics Need Energy )

Can people eat after swimming?

Yes as they will need a intake of carbohydrates to regain them energy

What is the point of biomass?

It is a potential source of energy that is readily available where there are people who need it.

Why do people need to eat 6 times a day?

to keep energy up

Why do older people need fewer calories than younger people?

They are not growing. Growth takes a lot of energy.

Why do we need renewable energy?

We need renewable energy because it is clean, free and doesn't cause global warming and climate change. Fossil fuel energy is too damaging.

Do butterflies need energy?

yes they do need energy

Do only humans need energy to survive?

All living creatures need energy to survive. Energy is anything that makes something move or change, not only carbohydrates in food like some people think. For instance, your heart needs energy to beat, and your brain needs energy to think. Animals, and even tiny organisms, need some sort of energy to survive.

Why do people need to recycle paper and other stuff?

It saves energy and landfill space

Do cells need energy?

Yes cells do need energy.

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