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Painting treesThe white "stuff" they paint on the bottom of the tree is an insecticide. It keeps ants and other destructive bugs from burroughing into the bark and causing damage to the tree.
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Q: Why do people paint the bottom of trees white?
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Why does Vietnam paint their trees white at the bottom?

The Vietnamese paint their trees with a white insecticide at the bottom of the trees to kill pest before they can damage crops. Wrapping the trunk in burlap is also another method of controlling the pests.

Why paint palm trees white?

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What is the name of the paint that people use to paint the bottom of trees white?

Any white latex (water-based) house paint is fine. You mix it 1:1 with water and then apply with a pump sprayer. This will help protect the cambrium from damage of sudden temperature changes in the spring and fall. It also helps you notice insect damage, which might otherwise be overlooked.

Why did people used to paint the bottom of their trees white?

This is called "whitewashing". It was to discourage insects from attacking the tree. The white was an insecticide mixture, about the consistency of a heavy motor oil. Yea, and the 'paint' was harder on the tree than the incects.So they quit doing this. This is not an insect issue. It was a special paint used on decideous trees that kept the bark near the ground from cracking during a frost. It reflected sunlight that could warm this area up and make it expand.

What kind of paint do you use on oak trees?

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Why do they put white paint on trunks of trees?

White is often the color that denote "save" when planning tree cutting. Trees with a red mark will be removed, those with white trimmed or untouched by crews who follow.

In the meditarainean according to many experienced farmers trees are painted white at the bottom to stop insects where or how can this formula be found here in North America?

this is usually white latex exterior enamel, common at paint store

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