Why do people say whats up?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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Because people want to see what you did O_o. when my sister asked this , i replied tubelight - fan :):) if i had been sleeping in the terrace then ,my reply would hav been different :):)

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Q: Why do people say whats up?
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When people say 'waz good' what does it mean?

its means whats up or hi

wHaTs YoUr FaVoRiTe WoRd To SaY!! ;) mines is " thats whats up?

"tahst whats up" lol -_- ;)

How do you say so what have you been up to?

You say whats up?

How do you say hello what's up in Bengali?

whats up baby

What is an you-dog?

You-dog is a saying people say. Like whats up brother or Hey hey hey. it has nothing to do with a real dog.

What do you say to a girl in the hall way?

give her a compliment or say, "hey, whats up?"

Whats up with pink elephants?

Pink elephants? Yes, they and purple elephants are common in jokes, so people began to say that they are real.

Where is 311 from?

Omaha Nebraska (The people...Whats Up?!!)

Can you taste your farts?

hi people whats up?

How to u say que passa loco?

whats up crazy

How do you greet an old girlfriend online?

you say hey whats up?

How do you say whats up in Spanish?

Que Pasa (KA-PASA