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Why do people spread rumors?

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they are just jealous of the people that they are not..........

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Why do guys spread rumors?

Guys like to see the drama so they feed off the rumors that people spread. Nobody ever thinks they did it but they really do do it.

What do people spread rumors about people dating when their not?

They spread those rumors to be funny. Normally their not trying to hurt you there just trying to be funny. The same things happens at my school but eventually they will stop doing it to you.

Is Louis tomlinson dead?

No, there is no evidence that he is dead. Beware of "celebrity death rumors" that are spread on the internet. Most of the time, these rumors are fake, and are just spread by people who don't like a certain band.

How did people treat priest in middle ages?

They spit and spread rumors of priest. They hated them.

Why are people saying Eli Manning died?

Because people like to spread horrible rumors that aren't true..................

Why do people start rumors?

a lot of people spread rumors that aren't true because they want to feel popular or don't want the attention on themselves or they were bullied when they were young and want to get the stress out.

What does Michael Jackson dis-like?

The tabliods, people who spread un - true rumors.

Why does people spread rumors about one direction?

Jealousy, perhaps. It is a form of verbal vandalism usually by people that have little better to do

Mention the rumors that inspired the people to begin French revolution?

the rumors that inspired the people to begin french revolutionary to some purpose

How did the Spanish encourage early immigration to California?

They spread rumors of people becoming rich and making their fortunes

What is it called to spread rumors to everyone?


How many times a day do people spread rumors about others?

about 95% of childern everyday get bullied for something everyday

What will happen in the sky 17th october 2010?

Nope ....Nothing Happens On That Day !Those People Who Have No Work Spread This Rumors And Try To Fool Others.So People Dont Believe In Such Rumors Until You See It With Your Eyes!

How can I stop rumors that are being spread about me?

Confront the source.

What does polonius advise Reynaldo to do?

spread rumors to denmark

Why did they spread rumors about Tom Cruise?

He don't age!

Is Cassidy Sears Gay?

No. That is a pure rumor just as many other people have spread rumors of othercelebrities being homosexual.

Was Barack Obama adopted by a transsexual called Stanley Dunham?

no rumors have spread saying he was but rumors are rumors Obama was not adopted by a transsexual named Stanley Dunham

How do you spread rumors?

You make up bad lies about someone tell one person to pass it on to as many people as possible and thats how

Is it true that in 2012 the Yellowstone will explode?

No it is not. People just like to spread rumors to start a conversation, for instance that the world will end in 2012.

Can the police spread rumors about you?

It depends on what you mean by rumors, but they can say you're suspected of a committing a crime even though you have not been arrested

What is a sentence using the word calumniate?

To calumniate is basically to spread rumors.

How do you know if you can kiss?

if the boy doesn't make faces or spread rumors

How do you say i don't like to spread rumors in spanish?

No me gusta chismear

What can be spread easily from one person to another?

rumors, viruses, and diseases can be spread easily from one person to another