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Lots of people do not think Greenland is an appropriate name for it because Greenland used to be warm and had open fields. So when the Norse settlers came they enjoyed living there, but the Earth soon becamecold and forced the Norse settlers out so Greenland was not Green anymore it was icy and frigid.

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Q: Why do people think that Greenland is not a good name for Greenland?
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What is the name of the bay that separates part of the Canada from Greenland?

When people think of Canadian bays they usually think of Hudson Bay. However, it is the Baffin Bay that separates Canada from Greenland.

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Why did Eric the red name Greenland?

he named it Greenland because it is a very big place the ice is far from the coast and the land between the ice is very green

Why is a driveway called a driveway when you park in it and a parkway called a parkway when you drive on it?

People just have a tendency to name things the opposite of what they really are. Think about Iceland and Greenland. Greenland is covered in ice, and Iceland is covered in greenery.

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Is Greenland a Jewish name?

Greenland is an Irish name. This is proven because Irish people are always represented by something green, such as a clover, or Saint Patricks Day. Greenland is well not green but still called green.

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What did Eric the red do when he reached Greenland?

Eric the Red didn't actually discover Greenland, it was actually discovered by Gunnbjörn Ulfsson, but in 982, Eric explored Greenland and in 985 Eric was the first to really settle Greenland successfully.

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Why is Greenland named Greenland?

The Vikings called it Greenland so people would want to go there as they thought it was nice and lush. They also gave Iceland its name so no-one would want to visit and take the goods they had secretly found... =]

Who found and colonized Greenland?

Leif Erikson did. His nickname was Leif the Lucky. He named Greenland Greenland because the name Greenland sounded like a warm, sunny place with green plant life in it. But, Greenland is VERY cold. The people who settled there probably mad at Leif when they found out what frigid temperatures they would be living in.