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it heps with mosture

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Q: Why do people use egg cartons for crickets?
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Can you use egg cartons to sound proof a recording booth?

I've heard that you can. If you go to Menards, or Home Depot they have square pieces made of the same thing as egg cartons. I made a small booth and insulated it with that, it helps tons.

If you are trying to build a soundproof room which of the following materials would you choose in order to absorb?

If I am trying to build a soundproof room, I would use foam and egg cartons for materials.

How many cartons of cigarettes can be brought from China to the US for personal use?

according to us customs 2 cartons

What are some additional functions of egg packaging other than protecting eggs?

they are used to transport the eggs and to keep the eggs in while you are storing them. random fact:you can also use egg cartons to sound proof rooms by sticking them onto walls.

Always use paper egg cartons for better environment and reduce pollution why?

In an era where environmental conservation is paramount, making sustainable choices in everyday life is essential. One such choice with far-reaching environmental benefits is opting for eco-friendly paper poultry cartons. These cartons, primarily designed for packaging poultry products, are a crucial step towards reducing pollution and protecting our planet. Let's explore why paper poultry cartons are the best choice for an environmentally-conscious consume

What use are crickets?


How do Field Crickets get food?

Crickets use their teeth to chew up grass blades.

What are the requirements in a cricket's habitat?

well, first you need the habitat it self, and you will need a place to hide for the crickets. For that you can use an empty egg container. And you also need some food and water for the crickets. So for the food and water you should go to one of the big pet stores and ask for some cricket food and water (you can also buy crickets at the store as well).

How would you use bunches in a sentence?

I put bunches of cartons together.

If you have 5 cartons of eggs and use one fourth of them how many total cartons of eggs were used?

1 whole carton, and 1/4 of another carton, so you have 3.75 cartons left.

How can you create your own ladybug party favors?

You can create your own ladybug party favors with paper plates, egg cartons, and construction paper that is red and black. Also, if you do not have the red/ black paper, you could use colored pencils.

Where can you buy milk cartons for a project you are doing?

buy the milk, drink it, then use the carton!!!