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People use machines because they want to make their lives easier.

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What machines do people use at home?

people use sewing machines, washing machines, TVs, computers, and much more

Some machines hurt people when they are sopose to help them?

true but machines hurt people when people dont use machines properly

What did people use before sewing machines?

Before sewing machines people sewed by hand.

Two reasons why people use simple machines?

The two reasons why people use simple machines are because they make things easier to pull and lift.

What is automation and why you use automation?

Automation is the use of machines to do the things people would otherwise have to do. The reason for automation is that machines can work far more quickly economically and consistently then people do. Especially these days when the amount of gadgets people use would just not get built if it was not for machines doing them.

Why do we use simple machines?

We use simple machines

What did people use before machines were invented?

They used only themselves.

At what time did people start to use inclined plains as machines?

People began to use inclined planes before recorded history. The wheel, the lever and a number of other simple machines predate writing.

Do people still use hand sewing machine's?

To the best of my knowledge people still use hand sewing machines

Do pediatricians work with machines more than people?

Pediatricians work with people much more than they work with machines.Pediatricians mainly work with people, but they use some diagnostic machines like a stethoscope, x-ray machine, etc.

What machines do Amish people use?

Horse or mule drawn farm machinery.

How do people use simple machine in ancient history?

Simple machines were used quite frequently in ancient history. Simple machines were used as building blocks for the machines that are used today.

Why do you use machines?

We use machines because it saves us time doing it ourself, and if we use machines it will save us time XD

Why people use washing machine?

people use washing machines generally, to wash their garments and remove unwanted dirt or dust from clothing.

What machines can you use to make clothes not sewing machines?

Although this is not a machine, people often knit jumpers out of wool for winter, to stay warm. Apart from that, I do not suspect their is another machine and that sewing machines will have to do.

How many people use vending machines?

Enough to sell all the product inside.

What was the time period called When did people use machines to make goods?

The Industrial Revolution

Why don't people use the spinning wheel anymore?

In my opinion, people don't use the spinning wheel anymore because of all the new technology and safety. The sewing machines and other machines are safer and faster than the spinning wheel.

What simple machines does a dog use?

a dog machines

What simple and compound machines do astronauts use?

Whatsimple and compound machines do astronauts use?

What machines did you use in the game 'BDSM club'?

Sex machines and Milk machines

Why should people not drive or use machines when taking dicyclomine?

This medicine can cause drowsiness and blurred or double vision. People who take this drug should not drive, use machines, or do anything else that might be dangerous until they have found out how the medicine affects them.

What machines do you use to make cell phones?

Plastic molding machines; soldering machines; computer machines; humans; assembly machines; cooling machines; heating machines; electric machines; labeling machines; laser machines; conveyor machines.... etc.

Why did they use machines for a slave instead of humans for slaves and if they are rich by machines and use them instead of humans?

This question makes no sense, but slavery in the 1860’s had no use of machines.

Difference between electric and electronic machines?

Electric machines use heavy current while the electronic machines use the light current.

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