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Because we have swag

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Q: Why do people with swag wear nike socks?
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Can you wear nike shoes and match with vans socks to go to school or go out?

No. Nike socks

Can you wear Nike socks in the nba?


How do you dress like a shuffler girl?

Wear a pair of skinny jeans wear vans or converse (optional) nike socks curl your hair do cattails with your makeup and just look like you have swag c:

What to wear with Adidas?

nike socks :p

What to wear with a grey and orange Nike dunks?

wear the new blake griffin grey and orange nike elite socks

What kind of socks did kansas wear in the maui invitational?

shut up its the aopdjfdsoih socks from nike

Did Michael Jackson own nike brand?

No he did not wear nike socks!!!

Do girls like when guys wear nike?

yes especially the long white nike socks

What kind of socks do you wear with Nike's?

I wear thin low cut white sock's but that's just me my boyfriend likes to wear longer basket ball socks with his

Does Kevin Durant wear elite socks?

NBA is sponsored by Adidas so he can not wear them in games but Kevin Durant is sponsored by Nike so he does have his own elite socks. NBA game socks are made by Bare Feet not adidas.

Are there any special running socks available from a Nike running wear line?

Nike has a wide range of products are designed to help runners do their best when they are on the track. Included in the list of products that Nike offers for sale are running socks. They have a wide variety of running socks, going from socks that will extend all the way up to the runners knees, to socks that extend barely above the cuff of the shoe.

Should I wear my nike midtops with or with out socks when I sleep?

mat youre wierd if you where trainers when you go to bed