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The view of planets is caused by paralax.

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What is a retrogade planet?

A planet isn't retrograde - retrograde means the direction a planet moves in relation to how we see it here on Earth or other perspectives. Planets sometimes appear to move backward due to Earth moving as well.

Can you walk on a friction less floor why?

Nope. On a frictionless floor you will slide as walking happens due to grip and if there is no friction there will be no in walking, we push the earth in backward direction and in reaction earth pushes us forward.. if there is no fricion, we cant push earth in backward direction.. we will slip..

Which way does the moon travell around the earth?

The moon travels west to east around the earth; the same direction the earth (and the other planets) travel around the sun. This is probably due to the direction of the swirling gas when the planets were formed. If the gas swirled west to east, as planets coalesced they got their direction during their creation.

How do planets change?

Plants change by the planet earth atmasphere

What is a planet that has a rotation in the opposite direction of the earth?

Venus is the planet that rotates in the opposite direction to all the other planets.

Do all inner planets go in the same direction?

Venus rotates in the opposite direction from that of Mercury, Earth, and Mars.

Satellites in orbit around earth continually fall toward earth?

Yes. They accelerate (change the direction of their movement) towards Earth, and this may be labelled as "falling".Yes. They accelerate (change the direction of their movement) towards Earth, and this may be labelled as "falling".Yes. They accelerate (change the direction of their movement) towards Earth, and this may be labelled as "falling".Yes. They accelerate (change the direction of their movement) towards Earth, and this may be labelled as "falling".

When the earth ocassionally reverses direction is called what motion?

The earth never reverses direction, nor does any other planet. The APPARENT reversal of direction of some other planets, as seen from earth, is called retrograde motion.

Can Earth change its direction of rotation?

No, it cannot.

Do earth and mars rotate around the sun in the same direction?

Earth and Mars revolve around the sun in the same direction. In fact, all of the 8 planets and Pluto do.

Why all planets revolve around the earth in anticlockwise direction?

Planets don't revolve around the Earth; they revolve around the Sun. Now, depending on the position from which you look, you will either see planets rotating clockwise, or counterclockwise.

Can Saturn show retrograde motion?

Yes. "Retrograde motion" occurs when the apparent path of a planet through the background of the stars appears to turn backward from its usual direction. The cause is that the Earth and other planets are in orbit around the Sun. The inner planets orbit more quickly than the outer ones. At times in its orbit, the Earth seems to "leap ahead" as it passes the outer planet.

Do all the planets in the solar system revolve around the sun in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction?

The Earth revolves around the Sun in a counterclockwise direction.

What do the planets do to incur retrograde motion?

The planets don't have to "do anything" to "go into" retrograde motion. The retrograde motion, the "moving backward" that planets do as we watch them cross the night sky over the weeks, is due to the nature of the orbit of a planet and to our view of that orbit from earth.

What planets rotates?

All planets in the solar system rotate, but not all in the same direction, Mercury, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune all rotate in one direction, while Venus, Uranus, and the dwarf planet Pluto rotate in the opposite direction.

In what direction does the moon move?

The Moon's orbit around the Earth is in the same direction as the movement of the planets around the Sun. If you look from the north, that would be counterclockwise.

Earth is unique among the planets because of?

the direction in which it rotates

What are the 2 planets that spin backwards?

There is only Venus, and Uranus. Both spin opposite direction of Earth.

How did the compass change the earth?

It helped people know what direction they are in

Does the direction of flow of the toilet change in different regions of the earth?


Far above the earth's north pole the orbital motion of the planets is?

It is anticlockwise (or counterclockwise), moving in the direction opposite to the hands of an ordinary clock. Most planets and moons (earth and its moon included) rotate in this direction as well.

What is Pluto's rotation direction?

Clockwise, as normally defined for planets.It's also called retrograde rotation.As usually defined, the direction is "retrograde".That means it rotates the opposite direction to Earth.

Earth is one of the eight what that orbits the sun?

Earth is one of eight planets.Earth is one of eight planets.Earth is one of eight planets.Earth is one of eight planets.

What planets are there around the Earth?

There are no planets orbiting Earth.

Which direction do the planets revolve around the sun?

The same direction that the Earth rotates around its axis. If you look downward at the solar system from the direction of the north star, the Earth's rotation AND its revolution around the sun would both be counter-clockwise. All the other planets revolve on their axis in the same direction, except for Venus and Uranus.

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