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The word length, sentence length and vowel placement of Latin is similar to that of most European languages as those languages are often derivatives of or heavily influenced by Latin. The "Lorum ipsum" is a piece of pseudo Latin that has become the standard placeholder for typesetters as it is meaningless in all languages so easily spotted in the event it accidentally becomes incorporated into the text going to press.

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Q: Why do printers use pseudo Latin as filler to emulate text mass?
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The pseudo Latin that you quote is filler text used by printers to emulate text mass. It has little meaning.

What does pseudo mean in Latin and Greek?


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Schafer Williams has written: 'Codices pseudo-Isidoriani' -- subject(s): Manuscripts, Latin, Ecclesiastical law, Palaeography, Latin Manuscripts, Decretales pseudo-Isidoriannae

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pseudo-, poly-, multi-, -itis

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