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If you ever look at a pug, you will see it has a pushed in face. Its nose is small and it is a challenge for them to breathe. So they will snort a lot.

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Why does a pug snort?

Pugs snort because of a breathing problem with there smashed nose. Pugs are known for there nose with anciet time.

What are animals that sound like pigs?

sometimes pugs (the dog) sound like pigs when the snort.

What is a physical issue with pugs?

Their noses are pretty flat, so they have a harder time breathing than other dogs.This also makes them snort and snore loud.X3

Why is Pugs?

Why is pugs what.

Do pugs stink?

No, pugs do not stink at all.

Are pugs rodent?

No, pugs are dogs.

Are pugs yucky Everybody that I ask doesn't like them Mostly because they snort and they think they are yucky are they yucky?

No they are not slobbery like an English Bulldog. You just keep the crease between the top of their nose and face clean.

Where do pugs originate from?

Pugs originated in China

Are pugs English?

no pugs are originated from china

How do pugs love mahtab?

Pugs love mahtab because pugs just love mahtab

Can pugs take down lions pugs?

Yes, if there is a 1000 pugs and the lion is tranquilized

Can you snort promethazine?

Can you snort Promethazine

Are pugs from China?

Yes,pugs do come from china if you find a book with where pugs come from in it you will find that they are from china

Why are pugs called pugs?

In China, pugs were originally called 'pugnus' which means dogs that sleep snoring.

What percent of pugs are overweight?

About 50% of pugs are overweight.

What is the pugs class?

Pugs are classified in the "Toy" category

What are pugs?

They come in black and fawn. A mixed pug will have darker markings. They have short noses and curly tails. They snort and snore ALOT! They are also really addicting you can never just have one. All in all they are adorable! A dog.

Can you snort acetaminophen?

Not recommended to snort anything.

Can you snort ultams?

One can snort anything.

Do pugs have wet noses?

Pugs don't have noses at all.

Where can you find information on blue pugs?

you google blue pugs

When do pugs come from?

pugs trace back to ancient china.

Are pugs a kind of granny?

The best kind of granny is such that of pugs.

Where were pugs originally breeded?

Pugs were originally bred in China.

How do pugs reproduce?

Pugs are a breed of dog. They reproduce sexually.