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They won't feed their babies if they have a human scent on them.

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Q: Why do rabbits not feed their babies?
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Do rabbits have nipples?

Yes, rabbits have nipples. If they didn't, they wouldn't be able to feed their babies.

How does mom rabbits feed their babies?

Mom rabbits feed their babies or kits using their nipples. They have anywhere from 6-20 depending on the size/breed of the bunny. They produce milk like every other mammal. ..

How do mother rabbits feed their babies milk?

Rabbits feed the same way a dog would feed it's pups. They have nipples on the underside of their stomachs and when building a nest, will pull some of the fur around this area to not only keep the babies warm but to help thin out the fur for the babies to find their food.

When does rabbits mum stop feeding baby rabbits?

A mother rabbit will feed her babies until a new litter is born or her teats get sore, she will run and hide from her babies as they get too big.

Do rabbits lay eggs or have babies?

Rabbits have babies.

How do you feed pregnant rabbits?

just like you normally do exept not so much veggies. And never change their feed when the rabbit is preganant or when she has her babies.

What do mother rabbits do to take care of their babies?

Mother rabbits feed, watch over, and raise their young. If they're wild, they'll teach them how to survive that way.

Can baby rabbits die from there urine?

Are you asking if babies rabbits can die from getting their urine on them or are you asking if baby rabbits will die if they do not urinate?? Baby rabbits will die if they are in an unsanitary nest full of their urine (a wet nest) baby rabbits will also die if they are not stimulated to urinate which the mother does after she feed s them until they are old enough to go without her stimulation. That is why if you are bottle feeding you must stimulate the babies to get them to urinate everytime you feed them.

How many kits can a female rabbit feed?

Rabbits generally have about 8 teats so they can feed 8. Because rabbits are great breeding machines and can absorb unwanted babies then they can arrange to have 8 or less... though i do know of many rabbits who have birthed 9.

Does rabbits have live babies?

Yes, rabbits are mammals. They have live babies.

Do bunnies leave their babies when they are born?

Rabbits feed their babies and then leave the nest to eat. They also do not stay in the nest because they do not want to draw predators to their nest.

How do rabbits nurse?

Rabbits feed their young in the same way as cats and dogs.Laying on their sides to expose the nipples to the kits, she will allow them to feed from her. Does feed their young only once a day normally.Actually the doe does not lie down; she stands over the babies while they nurse.

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