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Why do rabbits spray urine?

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AnswerThey are spraying to "mark" their territory. It is to tell all other animals that this area belongs to them, plus all living things need to urinate sometime!

However if your rabbit is a male, they also spray urine as a sexual activity. You might get sprayed, but that is your rabbit telling you that it needs a female in its life.

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Does a female rabbit spray its urine?

No, female rabbits do not spray urine. Only males do. If you want a rabbit that does not spray urine, I would consider getting a female.

Do female rabbits spray urine?

Female rabbits will not spray urine like males, but they can still be very territorial and have poor litter habits. Female rabbits should be spayed not only to discourage such urine-marking behavior but to prevent uterine cancer, as does over the age of 4 have a 50-80% incident rate of it.

Why do male rabbit spray urine?

They mark their territory, as a sign for other male rabbits to stay away.

How do you stop rabbits spraying urine?

The best way to stop a rabbit spraying is to spay and neuter. Rabbits spray urine and leave droppings to mark their territory, they are less likely to be territorial if they are not prone to large hormonal influences.

Why do rabbits try to spray you?

i dont think they spray you

Do dwarf bunny's spray?

Sometimes rabbits spray if they are not spayed or neutered.

When cats are in heat and spray is it urine?

Yes, it's urine.

Do dwarf bunnies spray?

Dwarf rabbits behave in the same ways as all pet rabbits. If you want to know about dwarf rabbits, just research pet rabbits: you'll get all the correct information.Rabbits that aren't neutered/spayed (especially males) do spray urine as a behavioral and aggressive behaviour. This is one among many reasons why it's widely recommended to spay/neuter your rabbit! Please see the related questions below for more details and helpful links.

Do ONLY male rabbits spray?


Are rabbits trained to urine in boxes?

no they are not

Do albino rabbits have red urine?


Can skunks spray when picked up by the tail?

yes they spray urine or something

Can perfume kill rabbits?

Depends what is the ingredient and where you spray it on

What do cats spray to mark territories?


What repels rabbits?

Elmer FuddA great way to repel rabbits is by fencing the area. You might also use coyote urine or even a dog to repel rabbits from a garden. Certain types of urine, including that of predators, will keep rabbits out of the yard.

Is there a stronger urine smell in female rabbits than male rabbits?

They are both equally as strong.

Is cat spray harmful to humans?

Now I am not certain about the spray, but I know that cat urine and feces are!

Is rabbits urine bad for a humans health?

In what way???

How do you get ride of dog urine smell?

they have this spray that you can get that will help

How do chinchillas protect themselves?

* * * * They also spray urine.

How do you get urine out of a mattress?

There are a few ways to get urine out of a mattress. You could buy a special spray on chemical.

How do you remove urine smell from carpet?

You should go to your closest store and by urine remover spray.

Does a octopus spray urine on its enemies?

An octopus does spay urine on it's enemies. The urine would look like black ink.

How do you clean cat urine off a leather bag?

To clean cat urine on a leather bag, soak up as much of the urine as possible with a paper towel. Then, spray the area with an odor neutralizing spray and wipe it with a bit of soap.

Can baby rabbits die from there urine?

Are you asking if babies rabbits can die from getting their urine on them or are you asking if baby rabbits will die if they do not urinate?? Baby rabbits will die if they are in an unsanitary nest full of their urine (a wet nest) baby rabbits will also die if they are not stimulated to urinate which the mother does after she feed s them until they are old enough to go without her stimulation. That is why if you are bottle feeding you must stimulate the babies to get them to urinate everytime you feed them.