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It means the entire school or one of its programs meets certain set educational standards and offers quality education. You also need to be aware that some colleges may pose as accredited when they are really nothing more than degree mills/colleges. Be careful and always confirm if the accreditation they claim to have is legit. Find more information on why college accreditation is important to one's education and how you can spot if a college is actually accredited or just a degree mill.

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Accreditation basically mean to be validated. This is a process that colleges go through when being evaluated. Peers set the standards and members are from other accredited colleges.

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Q: Why do schools need to be accredited?
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Are all schools in Chicago Illinois accredited?

There are many schools in Chicago, Illinois that are accredited. They range from nursing schools to beauty schools. There are some schools that are not accredited,

List of ABET accredited schools in the US?

accredited engineering schools

Are accredited online schools as good as regular schools?

Accredited online schools are just as good as regular schools. It is not common for students of accredited online schools to graduate and be offered jobs in the workfield right after.

Are online trade schools accredited?

The answer is actually 'yes' and 'no.' There are some trade schools that are simply teaching you a skill but are not recognized by other schools. Others, such as University of Phoenix are truly accredited. You simply need to call the one you're interesting in and ask.

Is nation high school is a accredit school?

All private schools including online schools need to be accredited with a reputable accreditation agency. Nation is an accredited online school and they offer accredited high school diploma programs. You can always find out if a school is accredited or not from their website or admissions office.

Are there any accredited esthetics schools?

Yes, you can go to The website provides a list of schools that are accredited.

Which online massage therapist schools are accredited?

There are several online massage therapist schools that are accredited. Listings of these schools can be found at

Are accredited online schools as credible as traditional schools?

"Accredited online schools are as credible as traditional schools. This was not always true, but now through the convenience of internet online schools have proved their crediblity. You must however do your research to verify that the online school is accredited."

How are business vocational technical schools accredited?

Business tech schools are accredited and approved by the State in which the school is located.

Why Accredited Schools Are Important?

Accredited schools are schools whose programs are recognized by the state in which they are located as schools that comply with a specif educational program. It is very important to enroll in an accredited school because many higher education institutions will not recognize degrees from unacrredited schools.

Are all the schools in Norfolk VA accredited?

As of June 2011 all public schools in the Norfolk school system were to be fully accredited. Private schools would have their own rules and regulations not party to public schools and may or may not be accredited.

What schools do you need to finish to work in FBI?

Any fully accredited resident college or university in the US.