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Science, including counting, relies on exact measurements and observations.

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Q: Why do scientists need to make an accurate observation?
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What is a good sentence for the word observation?

I can give you several sentences.The observation tower loomed over the nearby buildings.You are under observation for your chest pain, and need to spend the night in hospital.This is your observation period; if you do well during the next few weeks, the manager will give you a raise.

If you were lost at sea and needed to know your latitude where on earth would you not be able to tell?

You can always find your latitude and longitude by getting a 3-star celestial fix; as long as you have a sextant and an accurate timepiece.If you are looking for a one-star observation to determine your latitude, then you would need to be able to see Polaris, the north star. Polaris cannot be observed anywhere south of about 3 degrees north latitude. (Polaris is not EXACTLY above the North Pole, so in order to get an accurate reading of your longitude, you would still need a nautical almanac and a watch.)But with a watch, a sextant and a nautical almanac, you could do a "local apparent noon" observation of the Sun, and determine both your latitude and longitude quite precisely from one sighting.

Do you need a apostrophe for scientists name?

Yes. Ex - What is that scientist's name?

How did Galileo's observation of Jupiter's moons help to show that the geocentric explanation is incorrect?

I have no idea so u need to help me on this question

Did God make the universe?

A:In the belief system of the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Islam and Christianity), God made the universe. In Hinduism, Brahma made the universe. And so on. Scientists say there is no need of a deity to make the universe, but they generally do not comment on religious beliefs.

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Why is it important for scientists to be objective in their observations?

because if they are not a objective in their observation then they would not get the right conclusion.Because answers need to be based on real data in order to be accurate, not based on personal bias.

Why do scientists need to be accurate when they measure?

because they just do

Why do observations need to be objective?

Otherwise a bias opinion will mean the observation is not necessarily accurate.

How accurate is a thermometer?

There are a variety of thermometers, and they can be extremely accurate. Sometimes scientists need to measure temperature to the thousandth of a degree Kelvin.

How do you give inference?

you need to first make an observation, after making your observation you need to connect what is in the text with what is in the mind to create an educated guess.

Why do scientists need information from 3 cities to find the epicenter of an earthquake?

so that one observation can relate to another set of imformation gatherd

What would scientists need to study to find out what an animal may have eaten?

Normally, scientists will examine the content of the animal's stomach and intestine to get an accurate reading on what the animal had eaten.

What do scientists do if they make a mistake and need to do an expierement again?

They make a hypothesis

Observation reports need to make a clear distinction between the description of behaviors and the drawn from the observation A. facts B. patterns C. conclusions?


Scientist make blank to help them make a hypothesis or collect data during an experiment?

To make a hypothosis scientists need to know their facts and remember a hypothosis is just a guess, scientists can be wrong.

What do scientists do when they make a mistake and need to do the experiment again?


What rules do you need to follow when making a map?

make it accurate