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Q: Why do similar pieces of jewelry have such varying costs?
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How much does platinum jewelry usually cost?

Platinum jewelry typically costs more than gold. Platinum is more of a silver-ish color and you can buy white gold that is a similar tone and is cheaper than platinum.

What does it mean when a boyfriend buys you jewelry?

depends on how much it costs. if its expensive than he cares enough for you to spend alot of money on jewelry for you. if its cheaper jewelry hes probably just getting brownie points

What is a good homemade jewelry site?

Many jewelry makers sell their products on Amazon and Ebay, because it is cheaper than the costs of running their own websites.

What costs a lot?

Land, houses, luxury items like cars and jewelry and airplanes and boats.

Do you have to pay for songs on iTunes?

Yes, it costs $0.99 or $1.29 per song to download. Or you can download albums for varying amounts.

Name something that costs twice as much as its worth?

car house clothes jewelry tv computer

What can happen if costs and budget are not monitored?

These are costs that change according to output .The costs change directly according to how many products are made .An example of this is a business producing footballs will have varying requirements for amounts of rubber, lead and valves depending on how many footballs it makes .

Buble gum costs 5 cents how many pieces can ali buy for 2.00?


Where can I purchase a shop security alarm for my backyard and about how much should it cost?

Costs for security alarms will range depending on how high tech they are and how much area they cover. You can do video surveillance in a wide range of costs. At you can view a wide array of products at varying costs.

Are watches considered jewelry by Insurance companies?

Watches are considered jewelry by insurance companies. Some watches are common in collector's items and may costs myriads more than a normal watch will cost.

What is the jewelry layaway costs to use it?

I know that Shane Co.'s jewelry layaway doesn't have any interest rates, however you need to make a down payment/deposit for the item you wish to purchase.

How much is the Lego star wars death star?

Mine costs $400. It has 3803 pieces in it! You should get it!

What costs more 14 or 24 carat gold?

24 carat gold is more valuable, but seldom used in jewelry.

How much does Minecraft cost American?

It costs 21 usd + a international currency converting fee charge by your bank which can be varying but was .60 usd for m!

Was Roman jewelry expensive?

Is jewelry today expensive? It depends on what you are purchasing. 10k gold costs less than 18k gold. It was true then and now. Also, the jewelry maker has to determine how much time it took to conceive and create the piece and how much that time needs to accrue monetarily.

In harvest moon magical melody how much is a level 1 barn?

It costs 3500G and 40 pieces of lumber.

Where is the best place to buy jewelry sets?

Jewelry sets can be purchased in a large number of locations worldwide. One great place for cheap jewelry sets is Walmart. Another place for nicer but more expensive jewelry is Macy's.

If it costs 3.20 to make one cut on a log how much would it cost to cut a log into 4 pieces?


Where can someone buy cheap jewelry sets?

FashionTIY is a good choice, they can provide all kinds of jewelry suits.

Sam sells necklaces for 10 each Each necklace costs her 5 to make She also has 5000 in fixed costs per year for her jewelry business How many necklaces must she sell in order to make a profit o?


How are space exploration and ocean exploration similar?

Exploring, it obviously takes some money to "explore" right? So they are similar when you meet them with studies! IT COSTS LARGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY!

How do living costs in Johannesburg compare to Cape town?

Cape Town can be more expensive, but on the whole it is pretty similar.

How much does a bottle of powerade cost?

Depending on where you live Powerade can come in several different sizes therefore varying the overall costs. Generally a 20 oz. bottle of Powerade will cost you anywhere from $1 to $3. You can cut the costs by searching for coupons and sales at your local grocery store.

What gemstone is used to make northern lights jewelry?

The best gemstone it is Olmec Quartz Aventurine a one carat can costs Millions of Dollars; it's good discovery!

What rapper has most expensive jewelry 2011?

Birdman's watches. It costs over 1 million out of his pocket. There are only 2 watches in the world. Elton Johns and Birdmans.