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Why do some HIV positive people never make antibodies to the AIDS virus even after three years?


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Billions of dollars a year are being spent trying to find the answer to that one.


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Most people infected with HIV will develop detectable antibodies to the infection within three months of exposure

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the are inflamation ;pathogens and antibodies

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try again, the test you never know, and if not positive i am super sorry!

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The antigen itself cannot destroy the pathogen but here are three ways it helps out:1. Antibodies can clump antigens together in order to enhance phagocytosis2. Antibodies can activate the cytotoxic cell responses (a chemical that destroys antibody-bound antigen).3. Antibodies can activate B lymphocytes, which results in the production on plasma and memory cells.

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Three examples of protiens are antibodies, enzymes, and receptors.

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