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live it or not, they eat the shells (females do) because they have nutrients in them.

i forgot what kind though.

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โˆ™ 2008-09-24 03:52:22
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Q: Why do some canaries eat their eggs?
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When do canaries lay there eggs?

canaries usually lay there eggs 1 week after they mate and it takes them about 25 days to hatch

Can canaries eat apples?

Canaries are not very picky about they eat, unlike parrots. Therefore, canaries can eat all sorts of fruits and veggies including apples just as long as the seeds are removed.

Will canaries lay eggs if there is no male?

yes. but if she does the eggs will be not be fertile which means that the eggs wont hatch with a baby in them.

Do wild rats eat canaries?


Do vegetarians eat egg?

Some do, and some don't. I personally do not eat fertile eggs. Vegans do not eat eggs. Some religious groups do not eat eggs (Hare Krishnas).

If you are vegetarian can you eat eggs?

Most vegetarians eat eggs; some do not.

Can canaries eat strawberries?

I think so

What will eat chicken eggs?

Red fox's eat both the eggs and the chickens. Also, some species of snakes eat the eggs. Zorros, flying mice bats and rats also eat eggs. some chickens will even eat their own eggs!

Does a canary eat a bird?

No. Canaries are seed eaters.

How many eggs do canaries lay?

A canary usually lays up 4 to 5 eggs on successive days.

What do rattelsnakes eat?

well rattlesnakes eat eggs and some more stuff ( but mostly eggs!)

Can a canary with eggs stay in cage with other canaries?

No, the others will break her eggs. 1 Male & 1 Female ONLY

When do canaries lay there eggs after breeding?

probley 2 or 3 days after well that is how it is with parakeets do some google search and you will find it out! Hope i helped

Where Do Fireflys Lay Eggs?

some firefly' lay eggs on leafs. And some eat them.

Why can't canaries survive in outer space?

no gravity to eat

How do you stop Canaries eating their egg?

You give them other eggs and hide the ones she eats

How do canaries reproduce?

they lay eggs which are fertilized like chickens and all other birds

Do vegans and vegetarians eat eggs?

Vegans do not eat or use anything that come from animals, so no eggs. Some vegetarian eat eggs and others don't.

Can gogs eat eggs?

Yes, there are some dogs that can eat eggs. Some dogs can eat eggs that are prone to their digestive upset. Adding eggs to a dog's diet gives them a healthy treat because it gives them a little protein boost.

Can canaries open cages?

yes , canaries are very smart some are know as the lower level in the smart zone yes canaries can open cages

Can a dog eat scrambled eggs?

Yes, dogs can eat scrambled eggs, and some dogs like eggs. However, like humans, dogs should eat eggs only occasionally.

What is the possessive of canaries?

The possessive of canaries is canaries'.

What are some freshwater fish you can eat?

You can eat carp and carp eggs are some of the best food to eat

Can female canaries sing?

Yes, some can

Do penguins eat eggs?

No they do not eat eggs they eat fish and squid. But they don't eat eggs