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because it is a big crater

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Q: Why do some craters on the moon have central peaks?
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What is a modified crater?

I am not sure what you are asking, but I will hazard a guess: Early in the moon's development, there was still volcanic activity going on (the moon is now volcanically quiet). Some of the early craters on the moon were overrun by lava flows, which partially filled the craters, and "softened" their edges and peaks. Those could be called "modified craters".

What are some physical features of the moon callisto?

Some physical features on the moon are craters, lava plains, etc. Some physical features on the moon are craters, lava plains, etc. Some physical features on the moon are craters, lava plains, etc.

How deep are some of the Moon's craters?

1 mm

What are some geological features of the moon?

holes in the moon and foot prints and craters

Which body has many craters in space?

The moon is known for having many craters. Some of the craters have been given names by various astronomers and scientists, based on explorations of the moon done by NASA

Why does the moon have craters an the earth does not?

The Earth does have craters, but because of the seas and vegetation on land, they are not as noticeable. However there are some that are very noticeable, like the famous one in Arizona. Craters on Earth and the Moon are caused by impacts of meteorites.

Are there bottomless craters on the moon?

Yes there are craters, and yes some of them are very deep. All craters, however, do in fact have a bottom. A bottomless crater would actually be best described as a "hole," and there are no holes through the Moon.

Does only the moon have craters?

No, Earth has some craters, but not as many because Earth has an atmosphere to destroy or smallen meteors, but the moon does not, so it is hit by meteors more3 often.

What is the moon's terrain?

full of craters some of them very very large

What are some landforms on the moon?

Craters, Mountains, Plains, Lava flows

Can you see craters on the moon from earth?

No. Most of the impact craters that have formed on Earth have been destroyed and buried by geologic processes, processes that the moon lacks. While some recent impact craters on Earth remain visible on the surface, they are too small to be seen from the moon.

What caused the features of the moon?

Some of the mountains on the Moon appear to be natural formations. Unlike Earth, where wind and rain erode mountains and hillsides, the vacuum of the Moon keeps every feature pristine. The only things that affects the Lunar surface are meteors. Millions of meteor impact craters speckle the entire face of the Moon. Craters on craters IN craters; probably 3.5 billion years worth of lunar impact craters has made the Moon what we see today.