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people disagree with embryo screening because after finding out if their embryo has a genetic disorder (e.g cystic fibrosis or Huntington's disease) they may wish to abort it. the procedure may also cause possible harm to the mother or child.

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Q: Why do some people disagree with embryo screening?
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Why is embryo screening a good thing?

Because it enables future parents to basically check if their child will have any illnesses. Some people see it as a bad thing because they believe if the child does have cancer, the parents will have an abortion, when actually some parents want to know so they can take precautions and put things in place to cater for the babies needs. Also, some people are especially against it because it is 'unnatural' but so is medicine, and that has the potential to save lives too.

What are some examples of designer babies?

Eight more British families are to sidestep the law by following the example of a couple who travelled to America to use selective embryo screening to create a so-called "designer baby" to help save the life of their first child.

Why are some people opposed to stem cell research?

This type of research requires that cells are taken from an embryo. Some people are opposed to stem cell research because they think it is unethical.

What does the inner cell mass become?

It becomes the embryo proper and some extra-embryonic membranes. First it specializes into an epiblast and hypoblast. The epiblast becomes the embryo proper and the hypoblast becomes the yolk sac.

Is schizochytrium fungi or microalgae?

I totally disagree with calling it a microalgae, but some people do. It is not capable of photosynthesis, although it is distantly related to organisms such as diatoms and the brown algae, which are. It is an oomycete in the order Thraustochytriales. The common name for this group is thraustochytrid.

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