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For the same reason that some people are allergic to peanuts or milk and others aren't. It's partly environmental (based on your exposure to the offending item) and partly genetic. My brother used to catch and crush (yeah he was troubled) bees, and they often stung him. One day he had a severe reaction and has to avoid bees. Maybe it's karma but his doctor says he developed the allergy thru overexposure to bee venom. Other people can have a fatal reaction to their first bee sting.

Overexposure to an allergen will result in excessive production of IgE. B Cells in our body usually produce IgG displayed on their surface and very little of this IgG is changed to IgE (a process called Class Switching) in non-respondng individuals. For those who become allergic due to to overexposure the class switching (from IgG to IgE) increases, IgE is the antibody which can bind with mast cells and Basophils which contain active substances leading to allergic reactions. Depending upon the location these active chemicals (Histamine etc) can produce vasodilation, increased permeability of blood vessels, bronchospasm, excessive production of mucous which results in symptoms we see.

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Q: Why do some people have allergic reactions to insects and others do not?
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Why do some people have allergic reactions to certain vaccines?

yes some people are allergic to certain vaccines.

How do allergic reactions occur?

Allergic reactions are genetically determined, and different substances cause contact dermatitis to develop in different people.

Do tannins cause allergic reactions in people?


Which pets are better for people with allergies?

Every person has a different set of allergies. Some people are allergic to dogs, others to cats. People who risk allergic reactions with their preferences may invest in hypo-allergenic breeds of cats or dogs.

Do Pugs cause allergic reactions?

Yes but not to all people. Mostly the people many allergies and are well allergic to dogs.

Why are so many people allergic to shellfish?

The issue is that many people who are allergic to "shellfish" are susceptible to more than one kind. For some it may be prawns, and for others it may be crabs. These two specific types contain proteins, in a higher concentration, that cause severe allergic reactions in some people.

Why do some people have Celiac disease and others don't?

Some people are allergic to gluten while others are not. Gluten makes people allergic to it sick with celiac.

What is the fear of latex gloves?

Some people are allergic to latex and it causes severe allergic reactions this is why they are being replaced.

Can a person be allergic to live crayfish that has not been ingested?

I think that might be possible. I mean, since some people who are allergic to peanuts, CAN get allergic reactions from the smell of the peanut. If someone is allergic to crayfish, they have a chance of getting allergic reactions from the smell of the crayfish. Although, to my knowledge, all I know is that this occurs to certain people. Not all. Depends how severe the symptoms is.

What allergic reactions can you get from jasmine the plant?

Jasmine is a vine-like plant that is known to trigger an allergic reaction in some people. Allergic reactions that you can get from Jasmine include rhinitis, sneezing, runny nose, dizziness, nausea and headache.

Why don't all people stung by insects develop systemic symptoms of anaphylaxis?

Not all people who are stung by insects develop systemic symptoms of anaphylaxis. This is an allergic condition and different people react in different ways to allergic conditions.

What happens when a person gets stung by a bee?

For some people, nothing happens. For others, allergic reactions cause people to swell, have shortness of breath, or even encounter fatal situations.

Can you have an allergic reaction to a magnolia tree?

Yes tree pollen including magnolias can cause some people to have allergic reactions.

Can penicillin cause more swelling?

penicillin can cause more swelling me and that's usually allergic reaction. 10 percent of people report having allergic reactions to penicillin. over time the allergic reactions to penicillin do fade typically

Is it possible to be allergic to Pears soap?

Yes. Even though it's made from natural ingredients, some people still have allergic reactions to it (as they are allergic to the natural ingredients).

Can you be allergic to vodka?

Yes, you can be allergic to vodka. Different people can have different reactions to different foods and drinks. If people are allergic to wheat, vodka can cause a reaction.

Can goldenrod cause side effects?

Allergic reactions may occur in some people.

How many people die each year from vitamins?

None "Except allergic reactions."

Why are patch tests legally necessary when most people are not allergic to hair color?

Because those who ARE allergic to the dye, could possibly be VERY allergic, and could suffer severe reactions.

What mosquito's release when they drink blood?

They release their saliva which people are allergic to this is why it itches but some people are more allergic than others

What insects kill people?

Untreated, recluse spider bites and some snake bites can cause people to die. Others may die due to allergic reactions--or from the sheer amount of toxins-- of multiple bee and ant stings. I might add that mosquitoes have caused many deaths throughout much of the world, but more particular to the tropics. It is not the mosquito itself that kills but the disease it carries which is malaria among others. In addition, other types of insects have caused human deaths to include, scorpions, poisonous centipedes, killer ants, killer bees, and also bees in general for those who are allergic to the bee venom.

Why are there latexes in gum?

Because of the elasticity of it makers do not realize the harm it can cause people with allergic reactions to latex.

How is testing animals with chemicals good?

To find out allergic reactions, and possible toxic effects with killing people.

Why are seafoods considered high risk foods?

Because they have the potential to cause severe reactions in people who are allergic to them

Do chihuahaus cause allergies?

Only to some people. Some people are allergic to the breed, others the hair, others the fact that they are a dog.