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Why do some people want to have cryogenic?

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My theory is that people who have lived a life with regret and can't let go of the past and live in the moment and look forward to the future simply want another shot.

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Was some cryogenic frozen?


What are the some example of cryogenic gases?

Any gas that liquifies below -150 degrees C is a cryogenic gas. The most popular cryogenic gas is liquid nitrogen.

What are the disadvantages of cryogenic engines?

It does not live happily to the people

What is cryogenic heat treatment?

cryogenic metal treatment

What is cryogenic freezer?

A cryogenic freezer is used to bring components inside the freezer down to cryogenic temperatures. Many cryogenic freezers are available for all sorts of applications. Cold boxes with added ln2 capabilities can refrigerate parts and then complete cryogenic processing cycles. Additionally, cryo freezers are available to freeze sex cells, stems cells, and more. Sometimes people are frozen after death, which is called cryonics. I have added a site below that has cryogenic freezers and processors available.

Working principle of cryogenic engine?

- tempering remain a mystery to most people in industry.

Is Nitrogen a cryogenic gas?

Nitrogen in its liquid state is a cryogenic gas aka cryogen.

What is cryogenic surgery?

Cryogenic Surgery is the surgery involving the selective destruction of tissues by freezing them, as with liquid nitrogen.

Who do people want for president?

Well, some people want McCain, some want Obama. Some still want Ms Clinton. Many want "None of the Above".

What rhymes with photogenic?

cryogenic :)

What has the author I Spradley written?

I. Spradley has written: 'Integrated Cryogenic Experiment (ICE) microsphere investigation' -- subject(s): Insulation, Microgravity, Microparticles, Weightlessness, Liquid helium, Cryogenic equipment, Cryogenic storage

Why people horses?

Some people want to and some people like to do it.

Explian about cryogenic hardening?

Cryogenic hardening is often referred to cryogenic treatment and cryogenic processing. Using the term "hardening" is not correct. Cryogenic treatment does not increase the hardness of metals (I.E. rockwell hardness). Rather it changes metals on the molecular level so that they perform better. Cryogenic treatment is used for a variety of reasons including improving dimensional stability, stress relieving, increasing wear resistance, and eliminating walk and creep. A typical cryogenic treatment lasts for several days. Metal and steel parts will be put in a cryogenic processor at room temperature. The temperature will slowly be taken down to -300F below. Then it will hold there for 12 to 24 hours depending on the company doing the treatment. After that, the processor will have the temperature raised back to room temperature very slowly. Finally, the parts will be post-tempered to finalize the cryogenic treatment. Cryogenic treatment re-aligns the micro-structure of the metal to improve its structural stability. Retained austenite will be converted to martensite which allows for a tougher piece of metal. The eta-carbides in the metal will become precipitated which allows for a much higher degree of wear resistance. Below are some good sites for additional reference...

How can we relate pressure against liquid argon contained in a cryogenic container We want to know the quantity used in our cryogenic tank with H2O level gauge of 40 from 45 is it possible?

I don't know why you would want to. the liquid level gauge can tell you how many gallons of liquid argon are in the tank. there are 112.45 cubic feet per gallon.

Is cryogenic freezing related to nitrogen?

Cryogenic freezing is certainly related to nitrogen. In order to complete a deep cryogenic treatment a cryogen must be used. The least expensive cryogen for deep freezing is liquid nitrogen. Another cryogen is helium which allows special made cryogenic processors to reach temperatures approaching absolute zero.

Why do people drink beers?

well some say it tastes good some people just want somthing to drink and some people just want to drunk

Why would people want to know if people like them or not?

Some people want to know if people like them or not, because they want to be liked. Some people try to be extra nice in order to be liked but are sometimes taken advantage of.

How many people like Maryse?

Alot of people want her in the bed some people want to be her boyfriend

Should there be national borders in the world?

some people dont want other people to like break into their country and some people want their freedom!

What kind of people usually have anorexia?

People that want control, people that want to lose weight, people that want attention, people who suffered some sort of trauma...

Is xenon used in cryogenic chambers?

Not especially.

What is rocket cryogenic engines?

Rocket engine

Why do people want attention?

I'm a psychiatric nurse and it is my job to ask people this everyday. some of my patients say:because some people get jealous from people that get more attention.because some people want to be noticed as they never get noticed and they feel down because of it.because they want to treat people bad ways.because some people want others to feel sorry for them. (they may be ill or upset and have nobody around)however this isn't always the case. maybe some people don't want lots of attention but they get it so they have to act like they want it?also some people may want attention so that they can show off, maybe they do it to be popular.there are all different reasons why people get attention and not all the time, do they want it.

What is cryogenic vessel?

Storage tanks (usually called vessels) used to store & transport gases at low temperature & high pressure are called Cryogenic Vessels.

Do people want to go to war?

yes and no Most people dont. Why would you want a war? m some people want to fight for there country