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The porosity is affected by the space between the particles which make up the rock, Loosely packed rocks such as sandstone will soak up water or allow it to pass through, while granite, because of its tightly intertwined mineral constituents, is non-permeable.

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Q: Why do some rocks absorb water and some do not?
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What rocks can absorb water?

No rocks absorb water.

Does igneous rocks absorb water?

igneous rocks do absorb water because of all the pores ,cracks, and holes in them. The holes will absorb the water and the water will get trapped in the rock there for igneous rocks do absorb water.

Do rocks in a river absorb water?

Almost all rock is porous to some extent and therefore will absorb some water from any source.

Which rocks can absorb water grainy or crystal rocks?

water grainy

Are all rocks waterproof?

No, some rock types are porous and will absorb water.

Why porous rocks are not suitable for reservoir construction?

Porous rocks absorb water. Anything that can absorb water would not be good at containing it.

Why do rocks made from rounded grains absorb water?

Rocks made of rounded grains can absorb water because it can get into the gaps between the grains. These rocks are said to be porous.

Which rocks absorb water grainy rocks crystal rock?

Shut up losers

Do sedimentary rocks absorb water?

i dont have a clue :S

How is hydrolysis weathering different from hydration weathering?

hydrolisis is the chemical breakdown of rocks as they react with water where as hydration is the breakdown of rocks as they absorb water.

What dose absorb mean?

absorb means -> you put some water on the tabel and it (absorb) ... the water is not there any more

Is water in rocks?

Yes. But not every rock has water in it. It depends on where they are, in desert rock wouldn't have water in it because it's too hot. And rocks can absorb water, but very very little...

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