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Anabolic steroids (the ones used when people work out), are hormones, and they do have the side effect of shrinking the testicles and penis.

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Q: Why do steroids make your penis smaller?
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Does Gatorade make your penis smaller?

Yes Gatorade contains minor steroids An as we all know steroids makes your penis smaller -------------------------------------------------------------- No it does not and neither do steroids. Steroids lower or cancel out your sperm count which can make your testicles smaller, but not your penis.

Does working out make your penis smaller?

Working out doesn't affect penis size, as long as you aren't on anabolic steroids. Steroids can damage the testicles and can lead to a smaller penis growth.

What is action of steroids on cells?

Steroids make your genotoles smaller along with your penis and makes your muscles huge

Why are steroids used?

steroids are used to make muscles, but the only defect is it makes your voice high and makes your penis smaller

What foods make a penis smaller?

Foods do not make a penis smaller. Although foods high in cholesterol over time can effect erections. Steroids can adversly effect (shrink) both, testicular development and penis size.

If you lift weights does your penis get smaller?

No, but if you use steroids it does

How big will you get using steroids?

You shouldn't use them because they really, truly will make your penis smaller.I'm not kidding...

Are there any steroids that doesn't make your testicles smaller?

No. There are no any steroids that doesn't make your testicles smaller.

Do steroids make your penis stop growing?

No, it doesn't affect your penis growing.

Is ther a safe way to enlarge your penis without using steroids?

Steroids will only make it smaller. No, there is no way, safe or otherwise, to enlarge a penis. If there were, we would all have 10 inch ones. Everyone is different and we get what we get. All men are not created equal.

Do steroids make your pennies smaller?


What soda makes your penis smaller?

Soda cannot make your penis smaller. I dont believe there is ANYTHING that can make ones penis smaller

What do you have to eat to make your penis to grow?

steroids dua! but you shouldn't

Do steroids make you infertial?

Steriods do not make you infertial the cemicails in the pill only shrink your penis. CORRECTION: Steroids do not shrink your penis. If taken at high dosages they may lead to atrophy of the your testicles can shrink. But not your penis...

Can masterbation make your dick smaller?

No, it does not make a penis smaller.

Can herpes make your penis little?

Herpes will not make your penis smaller.

Does muscle milk make your penis smaller?

Nothing makes your penis larger or smaller.

Is steroids harmful?

obviously they make you look big but make your penis the size of a maggot

Does anabolic steroids help testies grow?

Actually, no. It is true that steroids DOES make your "testies" smaller.

Do steroids affect fertility?

yes they do , and plus the more muscle you have the smaller penis , so i suggest you quit now(:

Does steroids help enlarge your penis?

The size of the penis is determined by heredity. There are no pills or other tricks that can make it larger.

What can make your penis smaller?


How can you make your penis smaller?

You can't.

Are curcumcision make your penis smaller?

No it does not.

Can steroids affect pregnancy?

no but it can make your balls smaller lol