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There Are Student Who disrespect The Teachers nd Schools because they want to feel All BadAss!!! They dont care As long as The People Think they are Cool. there Are people Who Dont Care So That sWhy They Do What Ever They Like.

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Well, the teacher should receive the same amount of respect as though the student treats their mother/father. And, the cause of this maybe because the teachers really don't respond as much, so the disrespectful ways will eventually continue until the teacher FINALLY gets fed up with it.

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Students do not respect their teachers because this is a new world practically. If a parent says no, they will most likely disrespect that. Children want to be in control. Yell at then and if they do not listen, send them an office referral. At our school, we have " B.A.R.K cards." If stand for bulldogs are responsible kids. If they are bad, we sign it. Signatures are bad. If you have 8 or more, you do not get to participate in the reward at the end of the term.

The teacher is responsible for commanding respect. Children who do not at least show respect to their teachers, to their elders, are not being made to do so.

I have never had difficulty with respect from a younger person. As a classroom teacher for five years, I had three instances of students failing to display respect toward me:

  1. The first happened while I was student teaching. A student asked to go to the bathroom within the first five minutes of class. I let him go, but he did not return until the last five minutes. A few weeks later, he asked to go again. I refused to let him, told him, "You played me once; it won't happen again." He kept asking, so I let go after he "rabbit-eared" his pockets and kicked off his shoes. He bolted on me the second week of my student teaching. No one tried to skip out on me again that semester.
  2. The second occurred while in the computer lab of an alternative high school. A student became frustrated and was banging on the keyboard of the computer where he was working. I told him, "You break it, you buy it." He looked at me and stated, "I'll kick you [euphemistic term for posterior]!" I responded immediately by laughing until I cried. The student sitting next to the young man leaned over and asked, "Dude, do you know how much he can bench press?" The frustrated student stood, up, went outside, and shot baskets for the rest of the day. Later, he came up to me and asked, "How much can you bench press?" I replied, "Three of you."

    No one at that school ever even implied disrespect to me again. Teachable moment.

  3. Third time, I was subbing in an inner city school. After stepping in to prevent a student disagreement from turning into an altercation, one of the boys turned on me and promised to "get me" after school. I told him that there weren't enough of him or his friends. He argued that I could not touch him. I quoted school code to him, correcting him in that I could not "hit or strike" him, but that I could subdue him to prevent him from harming himself, another student or staff member, or school property, and I assured him that if he forced me to subdue him, he would be very subdued. He ran to the office and shared this with the school security officer, claiming he had been threatened, who laughed, and later came to shake my hand and thank me. Quoting law cannot be construed as communicating a threat.

Respect should not be given until it is received, except to display respect for position or age/experience. Personal respect must be earned or commanded (not by verbal directive, rather by action). Those who tolerate disrespect, ask for such. It is a question of presence and demeanor. Respect is not given, it is earned.

Every young person with whom I have ever had contact knows that under my charge, they are safe from others and respected by me. They also know that I expect the same level of respect in return, and failing that, I demand nothing more than silence. Those who fail to do either learn quickly that they should not poke the bear.

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Q: Why do students disrespect their teachers and schools?
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