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Q: Why do surface water temperature on the west coast of south America rise during g El Niro?
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Which has the warmest temperature during month of April the east coast of Australia or the coast of Chile south America?

Both Chile & the East cost of Australia have widely varying temperatures from depending on the latitude.

What two 23.5 degrees latitude locations are influenced by cool surface ocean currents?

the West coast of North America and the West coast of South America

Which coast of North America would you find a cold surface current?


What is the average temperature in gold coast Australia during November?


Compared to Oakland Norfolk has a very continental Temperature pattern Why?

Norfolk, Virginia is located on the East Coast of North America and is situation within the continental temperature pattern, while Oakland, California is on the West Coast of North America and has a maritime climate.

What were explorers searching for during their explorations of the North America coast?

Gold and land

Are hot humid desert conditions limited to the immediate coast of bodies of water having a high surface temperature?


What is earth surface temperature?

At Vostok Station in the Antarctic, located at the 'pole of inaccessibility' the daily mean is about -55oC. This spot, farthest from the coast of Antarctica, also has the record for the lowest surface temperature. But where you and I live, the mean surface temperature is likely to be a few degrees C. The highest mean is either the Afar depression in Africa, or Death Valley in the USA.

What is the movement of warm surface water towards the coast of south America known as?

El Nino and El Nina

how long is America America?

America is over 3,000 miles long coast to coast.

Is the east coast of North America father east than the east coast of South America?

the east coast of South America

Which is farther east the east coast of North America or the east coast of South America?

The south American coast is farther east than the north American coast.