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Swarms of locust cause problems for farmers because they eat the crops and this causes them to lose a lot of money.

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Q: Why do swarms of locust cause farmers great problems?
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Who is a flying insects move in swarms and cause great destruction to vegetation?

They are common called locusts ( family Acrididae.) Some species areDesert Locust is Schistocerca gregaria (Forskal).African Migratory Locust (Locusta migratoria migratorioides) - Africa;Oriental Migratory Locust (Locusta migratoria manilensis) - South-East Asia;Red Locust (Nomadacris septemfasciata) - Eastern Africa;Brown Locust (Locustana pardalina) - Southern Africa;Italian Locust (Calliptamus italicus), from western Europe to Central Asia;Moroccan Locust (Dociostaurus maroccanus) - North-West Africa to Asia;Bombay Locust (Nomadacris succincta) - South-West to South-East Asia;Australian Plague Locust (Chortoicetes terminifera) - Australia;Tree Locusts (Anacridium sp.) - Africa, Mediterranean, Near East.

What do locust plants do?

It's not what they do so much as the harm they passively cause. Grasshopper grubs feed in the soil like other grubs. It's only when they feed on the roots of locust plants that they reproduce rapidly and become gregarious and predatory. When this happens they fly around in huge swarms and eat everything they land on. This is even mentioned several times in the Bible.

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There is no such thing, as a number plants contain toxins/repellents to naturally protect from any (or at least most) pests. Locusts are known for destroying large areas of crops in massive swarms and far as I know are one of the top candidates for describing what you are asking (if I'm understanding the question that is).

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A locust is actually involve when grasshoppers group together and they irritate each other leg and which cause this change.They can be very big and locust attack farms in a big group. When they lay they egg, it is similar to the way grasshoppers do but instead of just leave they egg in the burrow,they inject a chemical which cause them to grow into locust instead of grasshopper. They start from very small yellow locust then they start to grow wings and become pink than later to adult locust which this cycle then continues.

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