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They shave their entire body so they can move through the water faster.

-Lack of hair has nothing to do with speed for swimmers (or very little). When you shave your body, you are not only removing hair, but the layer of dead skin cells on the top of your skin as well. The idea is to remove all of the gunk and buildup on your skin so that when you enter the water, it feels different. Basically, all of the stimulation gives your body a shot of endorphins when you dive into the pool (kind of like steroids, without the drugs). That is why people swim faster after just shaving.

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Q: Why do swimmers shave their entire body?
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Is it gay for guys to shave their legs?

Not necessary. Some swimmers shave their legs and entire body for less resistance in the water.

Do models shave their arms?

Some models shave their arms. Model, swimmers and body builders all tend to shave their arms. It is personal preference unless the photographer asks you to.

Do swimmers shave off all their body hair ie completely hairless everywhere or do they leave they pubic hair are there any swimmers who can tell you?

Do not shave off every single strand of body hair. You may shave your arms and legs; your private area, and your underarms. When you shave your arms and legs, do note that note every strand of hair will be cut off. But it is better to leave some. If we were born with body hair, it must be for a purpose, right?

Is it okay if guys shave their legs?

Lots of athletes shave their legs, especially swimmers.

Why do swimmers go faster when they shave?

It reduces the drag of his or her, guys shave too, legs or arms

Do professional swimmers need to shave their legs?

Shaving off all body hair does give you a slight edge as you are more streamlined.

How is streamlining used in sport?

To ensure there is as little friction or drag as possible for example the streamlined helmets that bicyclists wear or the full body swim suits that are becoming popular for swimmers. Swimmers also shave body hair to streamline their bodies and reduce drag.

Why do some swimmers sometimes shave their hair when they swim?

To reduce drag

What do you need to shave when you are a swimmer?

Many male swimmers shave their legs, armpits and chest hair to glide faster through the water.

Why do athletes shave their legs?

Athletes shave their legs to eliminate as much wind or water resistance as possible. Swimmers actually see pretty significant decreases in their time when they shave their bodies.

How long does it take for weed to leave 180 strands of hair after 1 blunt?

shave or nair your entire body

Why do swimmers shave their hair?

Because hair causes a small amount of drag and slows them down.

How do you shave a horses mane?

No You cut it but you can shave there body

Is shaving butt cheeks a sign of being gay?

No. Competitive swimmers often shave off all their body hair, because hair can cause additional drag when moving through the water.

Do gymnasts shave their body?

Umm, well I'm a gymnast and I don't shave my whole body.........umm

Why should girls shave?

some parts of the body need to be shaved do to your body and health and puberty so that's why you should shave unless your a guy then you don't shave

Why don't Female swimmers shave their legs?

Maybe the ones you know don't - most women keep them shaved all year.

What are some of the ways that competitive swimmers can decrease the amount of friction between themselves and the water through which the swim?

Most competitive swimmers will shave all body hair except the hair on their heads to lessen the amount of friction between themselves and the water. They also might wear a swimsuit that reflects water instead of soaking it up.

Should you shave a Bishon frise's tail because it is so matted?

If the tail is too matted to brush it out then you need to start over and shave it completely, maybe try to leave a little fluff on the end but if matted, then shave the entire area. Matts can cause infections, you need to get them off of all the body of the dog.

Can boys shave their legs?

Sure they can. but unless they're serious cyclists or swimmers they can expect some ridicule from their friends. They can be gay too. so if they shave their legs, ask them why. Sure, it makes you feel good, i love it.

It it normal to shave your butt?

to each their own. there are no rules about what body part you can or can't shave.

How can you have less body hair?


Do older men shave their pubic hair?

Yes! If a man wants to shave his pubic hair, age makes no difference, unless of course he's too young to have grown any yet! I am a nudist, and have seen many older men with shaved pubic hair, as well as shaved chests, legs, underarms, etc. I myself am in my 50s, and shave my pubic hair every day. Actually, I shave my entire body from the neck down. I have no intention of stopping this body shaving, and I certainly don't think I'm too old to shave, either.

Im a 14 girl and i have a really dark hairy body i espcially hate my arms but if i get rid of my arm hair then i will have a line on my shoulders and have keep going. and i cant do my entire bodyHELP?

I have the same problem. I just shave to my elbows because anywhere above my elbows arent very hairy or very noticeable. I also shave my legs a little above the knee because I like to wear Capris. You dont have to shave your entire body. Just whatever you feel comfortable with or whatever people will see.

Do swimmers shave their pubic area?

Hey guysyes people or swimmers do shave they pubic hairs because of the swim wear in training being a swimmer my self yes all the girl at my club do because they are boys every were and what we are wearing are high cut swimsuits so the answer is really YESLoza.B.If they're hairless, they'll swim faster.