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most teenagers think it's cool to spell things wrong or are too lazy to do it

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Q: Why do teenagers spell words wrong?
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What is it called when authors purposely spell words wrong?

mistake lol ;)

How many words you can spell using the letters that spell beautiful?

you spelled "beatiful" wrong. It's spelled beautiful

Are teenagers lazy?

Most have their moments, but it is wrong to categorize all teenagers

Is kool-aid bad for you?

yeah it makes you spell simple words like "you" wrong

Do telivison help kids?

No - too much television makes them spell words wrong !

Why do people spell wrong wrong?

I have never known anybody to spell wrong incorrectly. But perhaps they may spell it as "Rong." I know people that spell the word "wrong" incorrectly. The main reason people spell "wrong" wrong is because many people sound words out. And when you sound "wrong" out you do not hear the "w" so many people will leave that "w" out.

Why can't any other Harry Potter fans spell?

I don't know. I think they find it easier to type if they abbreviate or spell words wrong.

What is the least effective way to learn correct spelling?

spell words wrong and not check them

Why do you guys spell words wrong?

Usually haste or inaccurate typing causes misspelled words. It is incredibly easy to check any spelling you're not sure of, and a spell checker is built into the answering form.

What are 10 words that have a silent w?

Words with silent letters can be hard to spell. Word with a silent W are wren, wrestle, wreck, wrong, answer, write, word, wrought, wriggle, and writhe.

Should teenagers be held responsible for their actions?

Yes , because teenagers should no better ... & they should know right from wrong .

What is contextual spell-checking?

Contextual spell-checking is for words spelled correctly but used in the wrong context. Some of these are picked up on Grammar check in MS Word.Here is a wrong sentence because the correctly spelled words are used in the wrong context. This often happens with homonyms.Wrong:There coats ware in the coat-check room, ware they lift there boots, too.Correct:Their coats were in the coat-check room, where they left their boots, too.