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The brightness of a tooth is a function of how light is reflected off the enamel. Whitening agents work by dehydrating the enamel, that is, by removing moisture on a molecular level from within the enamel. This increases the amount of light that is reflected off the tooth, and therefore it makes them appear whiter. There is no indication at this time that this is harmful to the teeth in the long term, however, some people will experience an increase in temperature sensitivity when they whiten their teeth. Porcelain crowns and tooth-colored fillings do not bleach because the agents cannot remove moisture from them as they do with natural enamel. Over time, the moisture will return to the enamel, and the whitening process will have to be repeated to maintain the new whiteness of the teeth.

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Q: Why do teeth whiteners not work on porcelain crowns?
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Will any of the teeth whiteners work on dental crowns?

Not all teeth whiteners work per se; unless a teeth whitening treatment is done by a professional. However, if you are pertaining to over-the-counter teeth whiteners then intense research should be done first before trying out the product. Cheap otc teeth whiteners are usually dangerous since the chemicals used to whiten teeth are of low quality. Another factor that will justify whether a teeth whitening "works" is it's longevity. Most otc whiteners would only last for a short time; as far as I there are products that would last for 6 months and less.

What are the pros and cons to porcelain veneers over caps?

Porcelain veneers remove less enamel from the teeth and are preferrable when you are covering discolorations and small imperfections in the teeth. They are not designed for teeth that are not healthy. On the other hand, caps (or crowns) are stronger and more durable and will work on teeth that are not as healthy.

What teeth whiteners work best on tobacco stains?

Teeth whiteners that work best on tobacco stains are the ones that contain Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide. For quick and fast results use Zoom.

Are Porcelain Veneers less expensive than crowns?

Porcelain Veneers are slightly less expensive than crowns because generally there is less tooth work to do with veneers but they also break more easily than crowns.

Do Rembrandt whitening strips work on caps?

No. Tooth whitening products do not work on caps, crowns or bridges. This is because tooth enamel is porous, whereas porcelain caps are not.

How do teeth whiteners work?

A chemical is applied to any tooth needing the whitening. Professionally, they are then activated by UV light shone onto the chemical and teeth; this makes them react with the tooth surface and make it whiter.

Can you safely bleach teeth with Clorox?

No, no, no, you can't. Neve put bleach cleaner in your mouth. If you want to bleach your teeth see a dentist or buy a bleach kit at the store. The above poster gave you excellent advice. ONLY YOUR DENTIST should bleach your teeth! Even buying the whiteners in the stores does damage to the gums. I just asked my dentist this in November while I was having work done on my teeth. The other teeth whiteners can eat away at your teeth, and people don't REALLY need it unless your teeth are dark yellow like me 'cause I smoke a lot.

What type of procedures are considered cosmetic dental work?

Implants that would cover existing teeth that would enhance a smile. Crowns that would cover existing teeth that were broken,chipped or otherwise damaged.

How does porcelain work?

you make it :)

Which teeth whitening product is good for night use?

As teeth whitening products can be sensitive to your teeth, always read the label to make sure its good for night use. Some whiteners are designed to only work for 30 minutes. If you keep them on longer you can damage your enamel. A good night time product is Crest Night Effects.

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George Evans has written: 'A practical treatise on artificial crown- and bridge-work' -- subject(s): Bridges (Dentistry), Crowns (Dentistry), Dentures, Prosthodontics, Description and travel, Crowns, Artificial Tooth, Partial Denture 'A practical treatise on artificial crown-, bridge-, and porcelain-work' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Dental ceramics, Dental metallurgy, Dentures, Metallurgy, Artificial Tooth, Dentistry

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