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im not sure if this is goin to completely answer your question, but ill give it a shot.

the gas plantes are actually very small, it is just their atmosphere that is so large. their solid core is actually tiny, and if im not mistaken, smaller than the terrestrial planets. the thickness of the atmosphere gives the allusion that they are larger. the terrestrial planets have much thinner atmospheres making them appear much smaller. but, i guess the atmosphere is considered part of the planet and that's why the gas planets are still considered larger.

the key is the atmosphere.

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What is different from terrestrial planets from gas giants?

Terrestrial planets are solid and gaseous planets are made of gas. Gaseous planets are huge and terrestrial planets are small. Gas giants are far from the sun and terrestrial planets are close to the sun.

Compare and contrast terrestrial and gas planets?

Terrestrial Planets-Rocky Small Few Moons Small(compared to gas giants) Gas Planets - Helium and Hydrogen based Denser cores. Have rings. Many Moons. Very large Longer Revolution time. Comparisons- Planets Under the sun's gravitational pull. Part of Milky Way galaxy

What do the four terrestrial planets all have in common?

They are small, but dense (compared with the gas giant planets), have solid surfaces, and for some reason they are all fairly close to the Sun.

How does the chemical composition of the terrestrial planet atmospheres differ from the Jovian planets?

Jovian planets are less dense when they Are compared to terrestrial planets because they are Mostly composed of hydrogen gas.

Why are the inner planets called terrestrial planets?

the inner planets are called terrestrial planets because of the rocky surfaces.

What is the structure of a typical terrestrial planet compared with that of a gas giant?

Gas planets like Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Saturn have no plates.

What is between the gas and terrestrial planets?

The Asteroid Belt is a demarcation between the gas giants and terrestrial type planets.

Are terrestrial planets large with thick atmospheres?

no, these are the gas giants, or four outer gas planets. The terrestrial planets are the four inner planets, which are much smaller.

Is Jupiter terrestrial?

No. It is a gas giant. Terrestrial planets are planets that are mainly made of land.

What separates the terrestrial planets from the gas giants?

All terrestrial planets are able to maintain life, but the gas giants cannot.

What are some similarities between terrestrial and gas planets?

Terrestrial planets are rocky and are the inner four planets. Gas giants are made of gases and are the outer four planets.

How are terrestrial planets different from the Jovian planets?

Terrestrial planets have terra firma, a.k.a. hard ground. The gas giants are giant balls of gas.

Which planets are terrestrial and which planets are gas giants?

The Terrestrial Planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. The Gas Giants are Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune.

How The inner planets are alike?

All the inner planets in our solar system are all terrestrial planets. They are all small rocky planets with a relatively small atmospheres when compared to the gas giants like Jupiter and Saturn or the ice giants like Neptune and Uranus. This however is not true of other stars. Many stars have large planets very small orbits.

Inner planets compared to outer planets?

Inner Planets: Are rocky planets and smallOuter Planets: Are gas giants and giant

Is venus giant or small compared to the other planets?

Venus, a terrestrial planet, is small compared to the gas giants within our solar system. It's diameter is equal to 12,104km, which is larger than the diameter of Mercury and Mars, but smaller than all other planets (including Earth, which has a diameter of 12,756km).

Why are the densities of terrestrial planets greater than Jovian planets?

Terrestrial planets are made of rock. Jovian planets are gas giants.

How are terrestrial planets and gas planets similar?

They are both planets and have a core

What is earth a terrestrial planet or a gas giant?

A terrestrial planet, Gas giant planets are made of gas....

Which are the rocky planets the terrestrial planets and the gas planets?

The terrestrial planets are; Mercury Venus, Earth, Marswhile the gas planets are; Jupiter Saturn uranus and neptune hope that helps u!!

Are planets more likely to be gas giants or terrestrial planets?

Bigger planets are more likely to be gas giants while smaller ones are more likely to be terrestrial. This of course is not the answer to your question which is, of all planets that may exist, is there a greater likelyhood of there being terrestrial planets or gas giants?

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