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because the region's continental climate creates an environment of extremes.

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What region of the US experiences violent tornadoes caused by the combination of climate and weather conditions?

Violent tornadoes have been recorded in most states east of the Rockies. However, most of the violent tornadoes occur on the Great Plains in the central part of the country.

What is the weather like in the great plains?

The weather in the Great Plains is seasonal. Summer months are generally warm while winter months are cold and snowy.

What is weather like in Plains states?

The weather is the most unusual weather on the planet earth. Mostly there was severe storms. from violent thunder storms to large scale tornadoes peace.

What kinds of extreme weather occur often in the great plains?


Weather conditions on the great plains?

warm in the summer cold in the winter.

What is violent weather?

Violent weathers are weathers that are violent and dangerous and can cause damage. Violent weather may be scary. The examples of violent weather is thunderstorm, tornado, hurricane, blizzard, etc. The amount of violent weather is steadily increasing because of global warming.

Explain why the great plains was not suitable for homesteading?

The great plains was not always ideal for agriculture. The weather was a problem and the flat lands made it vulnerable to attacks by natives.

What is the weather in the central plains of Texas?

the weather in the central plains

Why was the cavalry first sent to the great plains?

The Calvary was first sent to the Great Plains to protect travelers and keep the peace in the area. The Native Americans were increasingly violent against the settlers and travelers.

Are the great plains plains?

Yes, the great plains are plains.

What is the weather like generally in the US Great Plains?

The Great Plains is a large area, with weather that varies greatly from region to region. The northern region has harsh winters, and warm summers. The southern region has warmer winters, and very hot summers.

What are the great plains in Oklahoma?

The Great Plains are plains in oklahoma.

Which planet in your solar system has the most violent weather?

Neptune. With winds reaching 1,250 mph (and winds in the Great Dark Spot reaching 1,500 mph), No planet in the solar system has more violent weather than Neptune.

Does rainfall decrease from east to west across the great plains?

Yes rainfall decreases from east to west across the great plains. The weather patterns across North America are predominantly influenced by the Atlantic.

What is violent changes in weather called?

Violent changes in weather are called fronts. These fronts can refer to violent temperature changes such as a cold or hot front for example.

Where do Plains Indians live?

The plains Indians live on the Great Plains.

Whats the biggest hitter when it comes to violent weather?

There are a few big hitters when it comes to violent weather, but it all depends on the scale of how violent these individual weather patterns are. For instance, a violent tornado can do more damage than a light earthquake, but a violent earthquake can do more damage than a light tornado.

How does tornadoes relate to weather?

A tornado is a violent weather event the most violent in fact. Tornadoes are produce by thunderstorms and are, in simple terms, extremely violent rotating windstorms.

Is a hurricane weather?

Yes. A hurricane is a violent weather event.

Is a tornado weather?

Yes. A tornado is a violent weather event.

Which type of front usually causes the most violent weather?

A cold front usually causes the most violent weather

Is fair weather a violent weather condition?

No fair weather means calm, clear weather.

What are two kinds of plains?

Coastal and great plains Coastal and great plains

The Great European Plains?

The Great Plains of Europe are Great Plains that runs through Eastern Europe.

What is the difference between the great plains and the coastal plains?

the great plains is bigger than the coastal plains.

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